10 Best Russian Actresses

For those who have foreign friends, or want to earn more knowledge about these ladies, 10 Best Russian Actresses gives you a quick view to some people
who are famous thanks to their abilities and also for their looks.

  1. Olga Baclanova. She appeared black and white back then. When the movies only featured this dual combination of colors. On the screen her talent was undeniable. Such beautiful eyes sometimes made the boys to simply forget about  what she was  trying to express behind her role. She was a star from the silent film era. Watch “The Docks of New York” to confirm this affirmation.
  2. Ksenia Rappoport. “La Doppia Ora” (The Double Hour) was the top film where she displayed such great performance, that nobody denied to give her the “Copa Volpi” for best actress. In this movie, she appeared as a mysterious Slovenian employee in a hotel in Turin. Her name was Sonia and she was stealing along the story trying to get money to start a new life in Argentina.
  3. Irina Alferova. Born 13th March, 1951 this veteran actress is on top of the best around her country. She happened to be friends with Sergei Martynov who is the person that found her a husband who was no other than his friend. She gained a big reputation for being part of the TV drama “Road To Calvary”.
  4. Vera Kholodnaya. She is from Ukraine so we can consider to include her in this list as a special guest because everyone around Russia remembers that she was the first star in silent cinema to appear. Thanks to those who loved her acting, we can get some information these days. It’s actually difficult to find her movies. There is one inspired on her life called “A Slave to Love”.
  5. Maria Mironova. Tanya was her role during the days of “The Wedding.". It was a very good comedy. Her career is remarkable to the point that until now she has received the title of Meritorious Artist of the Russian Federation” and the national “Golden Mask” theatre award for the Best Actress category. You can find her in the series “Space Race.”
  6. Olga Kurylenko. Somebody could ask who she was until the year 2008. From that date to now, believe us that this beautiful model and actress never escapes our  long range hot bombshell radar. Being a Bond Girl in “Quantum of Solace” just launched her already popular career in Europe to a world celebrity status. If you want to get lost just watching her acting, pick up the movie “Hitman”.
  7. Mila Kunis. “That 70’s Show” was the right place to gain the attention of thousands of viewers around USA. Then the show became a hit going on air in several countries via cable signal. She also appeared in the Aerosmith single “Jaded” stealing the starring role from Steven Tyler. For those who hate Macaulay Culkin, there is one more reason to add: Mila is his sweetheart.
  8. Anya Monzikova. This is a warning. Just be careful when you see this sexy blonde on the screen, it can cause serious insanity. She was a host from the television game show “Deal or no Deal”. She earned her role as Rebekah for the live action film “Iron Man 2”. She says that knowing how to speak Russian was a big plus to get the role, and it was something that she shared with Scarlett Johansson when the director asked to do some translation.
  9. Olesya Rulin. The first time you spot her, you can immediately think that she has a cute innocent face. There is a chance for some mature men reading this that the movie franchise “High School Musical” may not sound as popular as they think. But for a younger audience, it's a different story. She was part of the cast those days. On a totally different perspective she acted in CSI: Miami.  
  10. Marina Aleksandrova. “Poor Nastya” was a Russian soap opera that allowed her to often appear and show her potential dramatic attitude. Which is something she also exploited in “Marie of Hesse.” One of her hobbies is playing the harp.
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