10 Best Russian Christmas Songs

The big white span of Russia has made it the perfect country for the classic white Christmas, and these 10 best Russian Christmas songs are just what you need to celebrate the occasion. The lyrics of these songs will have you dreaming of winter and reminiscing about the good old days at any time of the year, but especially at Christmastime. Play these tunes during your holiday season. 

  1. “Dorogoi Dlinnoyu.” This Russian song has had an influence on a famous Gene Raskin song, “Those Were the Days,” produced by Sir Paul McCartney. It’s a sweet song of poetry, describing past recollections with beautiful lyrics.
  2. “Moroz Moroz.” The simple yet charming lyrics of this Russian folk song are all about the winter season and the cold of the country. A man sings of his trusty horse and the loving wife he’s looking forward to go home to and meet again.
  3. “Kalinka.” As one of the most internationally recognized Russian folk songs, it’s also very well known for the classic Russian dance of the same name. You should know that the word “kalinka” translates to “snowberry” in English as you sing along.
  4. “Katyusha.” Katushya is the endearing pet name of any lady named Ekaterina (“Catherine” in its English form). The song itself is about a Katushya who is waiting and longing for her partner.
  5. “Snegoorochka.” Translated as the “Snow Maiden,” this song refers to the same beautiful snow maiden in Russian fairy tales. These days, this character is often depicted as Father Christmas’ helper.
  6. “Step’ Da Step’ Krugom.” This Russian Christmas song is both sad and touching. The lyrics are the farewell of a man who is hopelessly lost and slowly dying in the winter forest.
  7. “Podmoskovnye Vechera.” The singer for this song urges us not to forget the evenings in Moscow, Russia’s capital. The song gained a lot of international attention and even topped the charts in the United States in the 60’s.
  8. “Polyushko Pole.” When listening to this song, you’ll be filled with a sense of strength and pride. Patriotism for the Red Army exudes through its lyrics to the soldiers and to the people of Russia.
  9. “Ochi Chernye.” This song revolves around describing these “dark eyes” that have enveloped the singer. It’s a Russian gypsy song that’s often listened to during Christmastime.
  10. “Devochka Nadya.” This is both a Russian folk song and dance that’s familiar to Russians all across the country. The title translates to English as “Nadya, Little Girl.”
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