10 Best Russian Erotic Movies

The ten best Russian erotic films can be even naughtier and more tempting than American films. The Russian stars, directors and writers really pull out all the stops in these ten Russian erotic movies. If you can get your hands on them, you’re surely in for a wild night of erotic pleasures.

  1. “Russian Girl Photographer” This is one of the best Russian erotic movies that’s so good,  you can usually only get it if you’re over 21. The girl photographer might be afraid of sex at first, but she soon learns to enjoy it very much.
  2. “Stars of Russian Striptease: Girls on Bar Stools” This one is just as exciting as it sounds. These hot Russian ladies will take your drink order and a whole lot more.
  3. “Eros: Eccentric Erotic Show” Less a story-based feature and more a stage performance, this Russian erotic movie is sure to please. It includes audience participation and some very exciting erotica.
  4. “Russian Cops Vol. 1” These Russian erotic movies have three volumes, and Vol. 1 is certainly one of the best Russian erotic movies. It tells the story of a sex shop robbery by three sexy ladies and the undercover cops who much “interrogate” them.
  5. “Sexual Battle on Ice” Russia has a very successful hockey team and some Canadian players want to find out more in this erotic Russian movie. Watch with delight as they put together a very sexy and erotic team of female hockey players.  
  6. “Eros: Romantic Erotic Show” Another Eros flick, this is one of the best Russian erotic movies you’ll find. It features a young pair of “angels” whose sexual explorations are sure to excite.
  7. “Stars of Russian Striptease: Waterfall of Desire” This “Striptease” flick is too erotic to leave off the list. A limber show of a sexual beauty in both baths and hot tubs is truly an erotic adventure.
  8. “Paparazzi” By far, one of the best Russian erotic movies due to the originality of the story and the intrigue of the sexual exploits that follow. A sexually charged young woman is “punished” by a businessman and the woman he’s cheating with after she tries to take a picture of their affair.
  9. “Russian Cops Vol. 2” The second installment of this Russian erotic tale just had to make the list. A true good cop versus bad cop story of sexual inquiries, the viewer is left wondering who will come out “on top” with the most “stamina” in the end.
  10. “Eros: Hard Erotic Show” “Eros” just keeps the erotic gold coming. This is one of the best Russian erotic movies because of the pure explicitness and raw sexual energy it presents.
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