10 Best Russian Movie Stars

As Russia’s film industry continues to boom, the country has produced a range of talent, including these ladies and gentlemen, the 10 best Russian movie stars. If you haven’t seen any of their films, track them down. It’s only a question of time before many of them break into Hollywood.

  1. Konstantin Khabenskiy. He is best known for starring in action flicks, such as “Night Watch.” He gets our vote for the best Russian movie star in the male category.
  2. Renata Litvinova. This beauty gets our vote for the best Russian movie star in the female category. She has appeared in such films as "Passions," "The Tuner," and "Two in One."
  3. Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov. In addition to being one of the best Russian movie stars, he is also one of the country’s finest directors. Track down his film “12,” which he directed and stars in.
  4. Kira Muratova. In addition to being a talented actress, Muratova is an accomplished filmmaker in her own right. Some of her best-known films include “Brief Encounters” and “Enthusiasms.”
  5. Aleksei Yevgenyevich Kravchenko. Kravchenko has proved time and time again that he is one of the best Russian movie stars. Some of his more popular films include “The Star” and “Come and See.”
  6. Sergey Simonovich Dreyden. Chiefly known as a theater star, Dreyden made his mark on cinema by starring in Aleksandr Sokurov’s film “Russian Ark.” He is also known for mentoring the young American actor, Jeff Keilholtz.
  7. Fyodor Bondarchuk. Bondarchuk has made his mark with such films as “9th Company,” about the war in Afghanistan. He is hands down one of the best Russian movie stars.
  8. Sergei Makovetsky. Sergei Makovetsky has starred in a range of dramatic and comedic roles. Some of his more famous films include “The Priest,” “Russian Game” and “Three Stories.”
  9. Sergei Leonidovich Garmash. Garmash is an official People’s Artist of Russia. Some of his film credits include “12,” “The Inhabited Island” and “Hipsters.”
  10. Vasiliy Sergeevich Stepanov. Stepanov is one of Russia’s youngest up-and-coming stars, having been born in 1986. He starred in “The Inhabited Island.”
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