10 Best Sad Country Songs About Love

When it comes to nursing a broken heart nothing can help process your feelings more than the 10 best sad country songs about love. Sad country songs about love can be about the breakup of a relationship, the lost of a loved one, or just about anything in between.

  1. Steve Warner “Holes in the Floor of Heaven.” This song describes the way that the raindrops are tears from heaven from your loved ones that have passed. First from his grandma that passed when he was 8-years-old and then from his wife when their daughter gets married.
  2. Collin Raye “Love Me.” A song about a forbidden love that was always meant to be. They ran away to get married and lived a long and happy life together until the woman passes away.
  3. Bard Paisley & Allison Kraus “Whiskey Lullaby.” A terribly sad song about a woman who cheats on her husband. He then drinks himself to death as does she once she is entangled by the guilt.
  4. Diamond Rio “One More Day.” Who hasn’t wished for “One More Day” with a loved one that has passed away. In this song they are granted a wish. The wish could be for anything at all and they wished for “One More Day.”
  5. Mark Wills “She’s in Love.” What could be more heartbreaking than loving someone that doesn’t love you back. Or even worse someone that has fallen in love with someone else.
  6. Little Texas “What Might Have Been.” At one point or another throughout our lives we wonder “What Might Have Been” if we had chosen a different route in our lives. The song states that although you think about it, there really is no point because you can’t go back and change things.
  7. Vince Gill “When I Call your Name.” A guy comes home from work and calls out for his wife who has left him. She leaves without any real explanation except for a note that says she doesn’t love him anymore.
  8. Travis Tritt “Anymore.” A song about a man that just can’t take it anymore. He is tired of pretending to her doesn’t love her anymore.
  9. Patty Loveless “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye.” A sad song about a mom wanting to help her daughter say good bye to a friend when they move. But it is truly a song that would fit any situation when you need to say good bye to someone you love.
  10. Garth Brooks “The Dance.” Brooks sings that even though in the end of the relationship there was pain, that he wouldn’t change anything at all. It is basically saying that even when things end badly you wouldn’t want to change it because you would have missed all the good stuff too. 
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