10 Best Sad French Songs

If you’re feeling a little blue nothing compares to listening to one of the ten best sad French songs. French songs are known the world over for their emotional content and their ability to leave a tear in your eye.

  1. "Michele" performed by Gerard Lenorman. Known for being a bit off-key, Gerard can bring a tear and his songs always rank among the best sad French songs. In this song the boy next door learns that the girl he loves has married someone else.
  2. "Voici les Clefs" performed by Gerard Lenorman. This one again has to rank as one of the best sad French songs. The husband is letting his wife go to her new lover but makes her promise to never forget their son’s birthday.
  3. "Je ne Regrette Rien" performed by Edith Piaf. She is renowned in Europe for her ability to sing some of the best sad French songs. But her reputation goes well beyond Europe.
  4. "Notre Dame de Paris" (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) composed by Riccardo Cacciante. Lyrics by Luc Plamondon. This is a French Canadian adaption of the famous story. It has been very popular in France and ranks as one of the best sad French songs.
  5. "La Mort de Juliette" from Romeo and Juliette. Of course, the story would translate well into French, with their emotional style of performances. The music from this play does rank as some of the best sad French songs.
  6. "Ecole d'Amour" performed by Amanda Lear. She is well known throughout Europe and as a, singer, actress, and TV presenter. Even though she has been popular since the 1960’s her songs still manage to hit the charts. Amanda Lear knows how to sing some of the best sad French songs.
  7. "Chanson de l'Amitie" performed by Francesco Carroza. The song has a stunningly beautiful video that even if you don’t speak French, you still have a sense that this is one of the best sad French songs. Though he is a popular singer, he is difficult to find on the Internet.
  8. "D'Amour ou d'Amitié" performed by Celine Dion. Who is, of course, French Canadian, and has the voice of an angel. This beautiful love song is without a doubt one of the best sad French songs.
  9. "Nuit a La Mer" performed Sweety Svetlana. Her beautiful voice translates her emotion in this traditional jazz rendition of this beautiful sad French song. When looking for her on the web don’t be confused by the poker player Sweet Svetlana.
  10. "Gentilhomme Italien" performed by Roberto Sironi. He is one of the most popular singers in France and can be found on just about any social network site on the Internet as well as You Tube. His song about lost love is certainly popular throughout Europe, making this one of the best sad French songs.

All over the Internet and on You Tube you will find a wonderful collection of the best sad French songs. No one understands, or can convey emotion like the French.

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