10 Best Sad Graduation Songs

Graduation, whether it is from high school or from college, is a bitter sweet time and there is probably no better way to celebrate the day than to play 10 best sad graduation songs.

  1. “Graduation (Friends Forever).” This song from Vitamin C is one of the most popular of all the sad graduation songs. It talks about the beautiful days of the past, the days that will never come back while wondering about the future. It also makes the promise of remaining friends forever. There are few songs that portray the nostalgia graduation as well this one.
  2. “I Hope You Dance.” This song from Lee Anne Womack talks about the wishes for friends. The lyrics sing of the friendly hopes but also contain an under current of parting, the prominent theme of graduation.
  3. “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).” The lyrics start with facing up and making the best of the turns that life grant you, while hoping that you had the best time of your life. It makes you look back at these times and hope that you have made the most of it. The song is performed by Green Day.
  4. “I Will Remember You.” This song from Ryan Cabrera is great for those who hate to say goodbye. It talks about the difficulty of parting and how words are not enough to express the sadness.
  5. “I Am Not Gonna Cry.” “I am not Gonna Cry” by Corey Smith talks about the anticipation, the dreams, and the memories of graduation. The lyrics will make you cry.
  6. “Times Like These.” This is the second song from Foo Fighters album “One by One.” It talks about the division in the mind at such a momentous occasion and also the importance of learning to live, give, and love.
  7. “Graduation Day.” The Beach Boys certainly knew the tears and memories that come over you on graduation day. The lyrics talk of the golden moments of the past few years.
  8. “Closing Time.” This song from Semsionic is probably the best way to end a gradution day. It talks about going away and the impossibility of hanging back. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” What better way to signify the moment than through this graduation song?
  9. “Time.” Where did all your student years go? How did the years pass by so fast? This graduation song from Chantal Kreviazuk talks about these emotions and the feelings that you get from wasting those years.
  10. “I Will Remember You.” There is hardly a better way to say good bye than to say “I will remember you.” By Sarah McLachlan, it talks about the difficulty of the emotions that press up on us at the time; the feeling of loss and the inability to show it.

These are all sad graduation songs that will make you feel a little teary. They will also help you feel the momentous nature of the occasion.  

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