10 Best Sad Relationship Songs

The 10 best sad relationship songs can either remind you of a lost love or help you appreciate the relationship you have. Sad relationship songs tug at the heart strings and make people re-evaluate their own relationships. If you feel like you need to get emotional, crank up one of the ten best sad relationship songs, turn down the lights and the emotions will come.

  1. Trace Adkins "Every Light in the House" With his deep baritone voice, country singer Trace Adkins captures what it feels like when someone you love walks away. This is song is all about the crushing feeling you get when you finally realize that your relationship is over.
  2. Skid Row "I Remember You" It may seem odd to have a heavy metal band on the list of the ten best sad relationship songs, but back in the days of the power ballad, metal bands were writing some of the saddest songs on the radio. With the power and conviction in lead singer Sebastian Bach's voice, this song by Skid Row was one of the ten best sad relationship songs of all time.
  3. Garth Brooks "The Dance" The song that broke Garth Brooks as a mainstream artist is also one of the ten best sad relationship songs of all time. The lyrics tell a story of lost love, but we are never really told why the love was lost in the first place. It is a beautiful song that tells a sad tale.
  4. Billy Vera and The Beaters "At This Moment" A man faced with the fact that the love of his life is leaving him for someone else sings a sad song of loss and pain. Vera outlines the things he would do to keep his love, but at this moment he knows she is leaving.
  5. Harry Chapin "Cats in the Cradle" Not every sad relationship song is about a man losing a woman or vice versa. One of the ten best sad relationship songs ever written is this classic by songwriter Harry Chapin about a father who realizes much too late that he missed out on his son's entire childhood.
  6. Bill Withers "Ain't No Sunshine" This classic hit by R&B singer Bill Withers talks about the empty feeling he gets when his lady leaves him. She takes everything from him, including the sunshine.
  7. Eric Clapton "Tears In Heaven" You can feel the sadness in this song as this song talks about another relationship between father and son, but this one ends due to the tragic death of the son. Clapton sings about seeing his son again when they meet up in heaven.
  8. Charlie Rich "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" The "Silver Fox" Charlie Rich is known for having written many songs about relationships, but this song is the one that is worthy of being on the list of ten best sad relationship songs of all time. Rich gets in a fight with his lady and spends the rest of his life trying to find out where she went when she left him.
  9. Chicago "Hard to Say I'm Sorry. Peter Cetera helped to write some of Chicago's most memorable hit, and this is one is worthy of being one of the ten best sad relationship songs ever. It is the story of a man asking forgiveness from the love of his life.
  10. The Righteous Brothers "Unchained Melody" The Righteous Brothers capture the very essence of a sad relationship song with this lament about a lover who needs to know if the love of his life still cares about him.
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