10 Best Sad Violin Songs

When you are in a melancholic mood, you will surely enjoy listening to these 10 best sad violin songs. They’re not meant to worsen your feelings, but they are played to you be more inspired.

  1. "Violin Concerto in D Major":  This is indeed a very sad song is one among the 10 best sad violin songs throughout history. It was written by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1878 while he is in a state of depression brought about by his failed marriage. It became his inspiration in recovering from his state and the concerto became a worldwide sensation after its first release.
  2. "Melodie" from Orpheus & Erudice:  If you’re looking for a slow and lyrical song that has lovely chromatics and at the same time really sad, this is what you should look for. It was published in the Fritz Kreisler Collection of all time favorites, and is indeed one of the 10 best sad violin songs.
  3. "Hebrew Melody":  This was written by the Russian composer Joseph Achron who had Jewish origins. This is his first work, and is truly a very melancholic song, another one of the 10 best sad violin songs from the Classical Period.
  4. "Ase’s Death" from the Peer Gynt Suite":  From its title alone, this violin song written by Edvard Grieg is certainly a very sad one. This was played for the play Peer Gynt, and is anything but wrenching once you hear it.
  5. "Melancholic Masterpiece":  This violin song which is one of the 10 best sad violin songs has a title that speaks for itself. It is truly a sad song, but listening to it will help lighten your mood, and will keep you to be inspired and be happy again.
  6. "The Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto":  Chinese music is wonderful, and this is one of their 10 best sad violin songs that are known worldwide. It is about a sad Chinese legend called Butterfly Lovers. When hearing the concerto, it is hard not to have tears stream down from your eyes.
  7. "Élégie":  Another tear-jerking song that is one of the 10 best sad violin songs is called Élégie by Faure written in 1883. It is a sad song dedicated to Jules Loeb who died that same year.
  8. "Grief and Sorrow":  This is a theme song from the well-known anime Naruto. As one of the 10 best sad violin songs, it really portrays sadness since it was played on the show during the death of the 3rd Hokage.
  9. "Meditaion de Thais":  When listening to this violin song by J. Massenet, one can’t help but be emotional by the way it was played. It was delivered beautifully and perfectly, you will find that it is so moving.
  10. "Thao Nguyen Xanh":  This lovely piece of one of the 10 best sad violin songs is a song from the anime Final Fantasy. This anime not only became a very popular movie but it also was a hit computer game, with theme songs such as this one that are really sad.  
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