10 Best Salary Jobs

The top 10 best salary jobs—not surprisingly—require extensive education and skill. Landing one of these ten best salary positions isn’t easy, but they do pay off. Each of these salary jobs pays a median annual salary of over $100,000 per year (and that’s not including benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans). 

  1. Physician, surgeon, oral surgeon, and orthodontist. These highly skilled medical careers bring in the best pay, with median salaries of over $166,400 per year.
  2. Chief executive. If you want to earn the best salary, make it to the top of your company. Chief executives bring in a median yearly income of $158,560.
  3. Podiatrist. Don’t mind working with feet? These doctors bring in around $113,560 each year.
  4. Information systems manager. If you’re good with computers, you may be in line for one of the 10 best salary jobs. Computer and information systems managers make a median salary of $112,210 per year.
  5. Air traffic controller, airline pilot, and flight engineer. Earning slightly more than others skilled professionals in the airline industry, air traffic controllers earn a median salary of $ 111,870. Pilots and flight engineers make around $111,680 per year.
  6. Lawyer and judge. Attorneys bring in the best salary within the legal profession with a median annual salary of $110,590. Judges make slightly less, $110,220 per year.
  7. Marketing manager. With a median yearly salary of $108,580, marketing managers oversee and develop marking campaigns. They are some of the best salaried workers in the United States.
  8. Pharmacist. Another high paying career from the medical field, pharmacists earn a median salary of $106,410 per year.
  9. Political Scientist. Tasked with analyzing the workings of government and formulating public policy, political scientists earn a median yearly salary of $104,130.
  10. Physicist. Rounding out the 10 best salary jobs are physicists, who make approximately $102,890 each year working for universities, manufacturing and development facilities, and laboratories.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics salary reports

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