10 Best Sales Careers

The 10 best sales careers offer you the best potential for income and a series of new challenges. It has been said that sales is the highest paying hard work and the lowest paying easy work. If you are pursuing a job in one of the 10 best sales careers, then hard work will pay you back.

  1. Real Estate Sales. In real estate sales you can get involved in residential sales, commercial sales or property management. You can get involved with real estate developers and help market distressed properties that have been remodeled. The distressed property market has been growing for years and shows no signs of stopping.
  2. Pharmaceutical Sales. The pharmaceutical sales industry will keep you up on the latest in medical technology. You are out on the road talking to doctors, nurses and specialists all day long. It can be a very lucrative profession so long as you keep your clients up to date on the very latest in medical news.
  3. Computer Sales. Computer sales has become as much of a service business as it has the sale of computer hardware and software. With American companies continually outsourcing anything that is not their core competency, selling computer hardware, software and services is becoming a fast-moving industry.
  4. Industrial Equipment Sales. In industrial equipment sales, you may not close a deal for months. But when you do close one, it can make your whole year. This is the sales career you want to have if you enjoy a lot of travel and if you enjoy selling really big ticket items.
  5. Auto Sales. Auto sales professionals do not enjoy the best reputation, but selling new and used vehicles can be a very prosperous career. The more knowledgeable you are about your product, the more that customers will trust you. The key to success in the car sales business is gaining your client's trust and then holding on to that client for many years to come.
  6. Insurance Sales. You can sell auto insurance, health insurance and life insurance programs to individuals or corporations. Insurance, whether you are selling privately or commercially, is a people business. Much of your revenue will be generated by referrals from satisfied customers. So learn your business, and put your customers to work for you.
  7. Advertising Sales. If you can find the right medium, then advertising sales can be an incredibly lucrative job. You will need to start out at newspapers with low circulation or radio stations with a small audience, just to get your skills up to par. Once you feel confident enough, start looking for a job with that television station that reaches a wide metropolitan area or that newspaper that gets circulated all over the country. Once you have the right product in advertising sales, you then have one of the 10 best sales careers.
  8. Medical Equipment Sales. This member of the list of the 10 best sales careers is very similar to industrial equipment sales in that one sale could make your year. But there is such a wide variety of medical equipment to sell that you could easily turn a medical equipment sales job into a six-figure a year job or better.
  9. Stock Broker. You may not think that the job of stock broker belongs on the list of the 10 best sales careers. But stock brokers need to have some of the best sales skills available in order to prosper. Once you find a system that works, and a client base that trusts your judgment, you can watch the stock sales commissions start rolling in.
  10. Mortgage Sales. It may not occur to the average consumer, but mortgages are sold like any other financial commodity. Mortgage sales is a very lucrative sales career, and once you get yourself established with a network of referrals you can make a lot of money.
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