10 Best Sales Jobs

These are the 10 best sales jobs available on the market. For those who like to deal with people, sales is an ideal job. Even in the midst of a tight economy, these job still manage to provide good salaries and incentives. While some companies are experiencing layoffs, others are hiring employees to fill sales positions. Let's take a look at some of the best sales jobs available.

  1. Pharmaceutical Sales This is perhaps one of the most sought after sales jobs. It is a popular sales job because it offers excellent earning potential, opportunity for growth, great benefits, flexibility and use of a company car. This job is sometimes seen as being prestigious because you get to interact with doctors. Median salary for a pharmaceutical sales agent is $56,000, not including incentives.
  2. Software Sales With the emergence of new age technology comes the opportunity to become the median between software developers and vendors. The key to getting a job as a software sales agent is by contacting some of the popular software products to inquire about becoming a sales agent. Median starting salary for software sales is $62,000.
  3. Real Estate One of the most recognizable sales job, real estate is easy to enter. After taking a state approved real estate class and passing a state exam, a person will be able to sell real estate (pending they find a company to work for). Starting salary is around $40,000, including incentives.
  4. Retirement Planning With more baby boomers retiring everyday, there is a strong demand for retirement planning. If you're good with numbers and love working with people, this is the job for you. Starting median salary is $55,000, including incentives.
  5. Financial Management Most wealthy people solicit the services of financial planners to manage and grow their money. Financial planners have business degrees and are licensed by their state. Starting median salary for a financial planner is $48,000, not including incentives.
  6. Medical Device Sales Doctors buy their equipment from companies in send out sales representatives to demonstrate the equipment. Similar to pharmaceutical sales, the median salary for this job is $60,000, not including incentives.
  7. Car Sales With all of the incentives going on to buy new cars, now is a good time to take advantage of the job market. Median salary for a car salesperson is $44,000, a year including incentives.
  8. Energy Sales There are a lot of companies taking advantage of unregulated areas and trying to convert those cincumers to buy into their service. Strictly commission, this job's median yearly salary is around $38,000.
  9. Military Sales This job consists of selling anything from basic supplies to missile controls. Starting salary for this position is around $65,000 a year.
  10. Petroleum Sales There is a great demand for sales in this profession. An agent negotiates with retail centers to arrive at a certain located. Starting salary is $72,000 a year.
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