10 Best Samuel L. Jackson Movies

If you love to see a good performance, you'll want to check out the 10 best Samuel L. Jackson movies. Samuel L. Jackson is one of the great contemporary actors. He has been a professional actor for three decades, and his career is always interesting, full of films from all sorts of genres, role types, time periods and directors. Here are his ten best movies.

  1. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" features Samuel L. Jackson in the role of George. Although he's not the lead, the movie is a memorable one. It's based on the novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe,
  2. Samuel shined in Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing." The movie is somewhat of a realistic look—and a love song–to New York City. Spike Lee's frank, honest and stylistic way of filmmaking is very present in his early work in this movie, and it's one of those films that film students will be studying for a long time.
  3. "Goodfellas" is a memorable flick from 1990. Samuel L. Jackson played Stacks Edwards in this Martin Scorsese's Brooklyn mob tale.
  4. "Johnny Suede is one of the hidden gems in the careers of both Samuel L. Jackson and Brad Pitt. It also stars Tina Louise, most famous for playing Ginger on "Gilligan's Island." The tagline says, "Keeping up an imagine can be full time job." Pitt's a singer in this film, and he sings some interesting, quirky songs. Jackson plays the memorable character of B-Bop.
  5. Steven Speilberg's "Jurassic Park" is a modern classic. Samuel L. Jackson plays the important role of Ray Arnold in this tale of dinosaurs interacting with modern man with disastrous results, all at the fault of man.
  6. Samuel L. Jackson and Brad Pitt were in another film, "True Romance." This is a dark 1993 film from Quentin Tarantino, made just before Tarantino became a star himself with the next film on the list.
  7. Some of the most memorable lines of Samuel's career comes from "Pulp Fiction."  He plays Jules in this stylish, smart, well-written and unforgettable movie.
  8. "A Time to Kill" is a movie that bring complicated ethical and legal questions to the table. Carl Lee Hailey, portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson, goes for vigilante justice after his little girl is brutally raped. What happens next is intriguing and interesting. This film has even been adapted for the stage, as it continues to resonate with audiences.
  9. "Black Snake Moan" is a strange and memorable movie. It stars Samuel L. Jackson alongside Christina Ricci, Kim Richards and singing sensation Justin Timberlake. It's also a mood movie about the blues, and one with a sense of humor. Beyond that, it's very hard to describe. Just see it.
  10. "Lakeview Terrace" features Samuel L. Jackson in a role like you've not seen him before. It's a popular blockbuster drama from 2008.

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