10 Best San Antonio Spurs Players of All Time

The San Antonio Spurs have been a staple franchise ever since they entered the NBA in 1976, but if it weren’t for these 10 best San Antonio Spurs players of all time, the team would not be as highly regarded as it is today.

  1. Tim Duncan – Number one on the list is none other than “The Big Fundamental.” Duncan’s all-around game has helped him win two MVP awards and three championships. Not only is he number one on this list, but many argue that Duncan is the best power forward to ever play in the NBA.
  2. George Gervin – The man known as “The Iceman” was the first franchise player for the Spurs. With his smooth moves and devastating finger roll, Gervin was a true delight to watch. Gervin still remains the Spurs all-time leading scorer, is an eleven time all-star, and has been inducted in the NBA Hall of Fame.
  3. David Robinson – Despite winning the defensive player of the year award twice, Robinson was a versatile player who could also score. In 1994, Robinson bested Shaq to win the NBA scoring title by scoring seventy one points against the L.A. Clippers. This powerful center, known as one-half of “The Twin Towers” (Tim Duncan being the other proverbial tower), ended his career with two consecutive championships.
  4. Sean Elliot – Elliot was a two-time NBA all-star during his long career with the Spurs. Elliott was a fan favorite and was well-known as the emotional leader of the Spurs. He is most remembered for his comeback from kidney failure and the “Memorial Day miracle,” an impossible shot when his team needed it the most during the 1999 Western Conference Finals.
  5. Avery Johnson – Arguably the best point guard to ever put on a Spurs uniform, Johnson was a true floor general and team leader. These great qualities helped Johnson win one championship with the Spurs and land his first head coaching job in Dallas.
  6. Tony Parker – Parker is a two-time all-star and a 2007 NBA Finals MVP. This speedy, pass-first point guard could possibly become the Spurs all-time assist leader. On top of that, Parker arguably has the prettiest wife out of all the best San Antonio Spurs players of all time.
  7. Manu Ginobili – Ginobili could easily be a starter with any team of his choice in the NBA. Instead he has come off the bench for the Spurs in order to make the team more complete. This one time all-star and six-time Man of the Year award winner has helped the Spurs win three championships.
  8.  Alvin Robertson – Robertson was an essential part of the Spurs team during the ‘80s. Not only was Robertson a defensive specialist, but he displayed his offensive abilities in 1988 when he posted an average of 19.5 points per game. Robertson is one of only four players in NBA history to get a quadruple double.
  9. Dennis Rodman – Yes, Denis Rodman did in fact play for the Spurs. Although Rodman only spent two seasons with the team, he averaged around seventeen rebounds per game for both years. Defensive tenacity and leading the NBA in rebounding two consecutive years landed Rodman his spot as one of the best Spurs players of all time.
  10. Bruce Bowen – Bowen was known around the entire NBA as a tough defensive specialist, and was oftentimes given the task of guarding the opposing team’s top offensive player. With his tough defense and knack for three-point shots, Bowen helped the Spurs win three championships.

The San Antonio Spurs have more than three NBA championships, placing them with other great franchises like Boston, L.A. and Chicago. It is because of these players listed above that the Spurs have been so successful throughout the years.

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