10 Best Sandra Bullock Films

What are the 10 best Sandra Bullock films? The popular actress has starred in plenty of movies since her break out role in "Speed" in 1994. Sandra Bullock films are popular because the actress herself has a likable nature and because she constantly seeks out new and challenging roles.

  1. "The Blind Side." Bullock won an Oscar, her first, for her role as Leigh Anne Tuoy in this uplifting film. "The Blind Side" told the story of a talented, yet traumatized football player who rose from homelessness and poverty to the NFL, thanks in part to Bullock's character and her husband. The film allowed Bullock to display a side audiences rarely see.
  2. "Speed." One of the earliest and best Sandra Bullock films, "Speed" kept audiences on the edge of their seats as Bullock, along with Keanu Reeves, tried to prevent a bus from exploding. "Speed" was an exciting action film that showcased a great chemistry between Bullock and Reeves.
  3. "28 Days."  The film "28 Days" may have been a stretch for Sandra Bullock. Instead of playing her usual bubbly, girl-next-door character, she played an alcoholic who goes to rehab and eventually learns to admit she has a problem. "28 Days" allowed Bullock to show a darker side while still being an uplifting and encouraging film.
  4. "While You Were Sleeping." Sandra Bullock followed up her success with "Speed" with the charming romantic comedy "While You Were Sleeping," in 1995. She was nominated for a 1996 Golden Globe for her role as Lucy Moderatz, a woman who mistakenly thought to be the fiancee of a man in the coma who falls for the man's brother instead.
  5. "The Proposal." In this cute romantic comedy, Bullock played an overbearing boss who pretends to be engaged to her assistant in order to renew her visa. The pushy boss role was a new role for Bullock and she pulled it off well, earning herself a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress.
  6. "Crash."  This popular ensemble film won three Oscars. Bullock shined as an isolated wealthy wife, who learned to connect with the people she originally thought beneath her. One of the best Sandra Bullock films, "Crash" let the actress show her dramatic side.
  7. "Miss Congeniality." In this delight screwball comedy, Bullock plays an klutzy FBI agent who enters a beauty pageant undercover. One of the more popular Sandra Bullock films, a sequel soon followed. Her role in the film allowed Bullock to display her playful, comedic side.
  8. "Hope Floats." As Birdee Pruit, Bullock played a women who learns to start over after finding out–on national television–that her husband has been cheating on her. The film won several Lone Star Film Awards, for Best Actress for Bullock and Best Supporting Actress for Gena Rowlands.
  9. "The Net." "The Net" hit a nerve with people, coming out just as the Internet was finding its way into many homes. Bullock played a woman whose identity had been wiped and who had to fight to get it back. Critic Roger Ebert gave "The Net" three out of four stars and Bullock, who was just starting her career, was nominated for an MTV movie award for "Most Desirable Female."
  10. "The Lake House." 2006's "The Lake House" reunited Sandra with Keanu Reeves, with whom she had terrific chemistry in "Speed,"  in a tale of two lovers, who though separated by two years are able to exchange letters with each other. Although the plot of the film bothered some critics and viewers, it received largely good reviews, thanks to the chemistry between Bullock and Reeves. The pair won a Teen Choice Award for "Choice Liplock."
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