10 Best Scary Movies To Watch With A Girl

The list below includes the 10 best scary movies to watch with a girl. There's nothing quite like a good thriller to bring two people closer. Cozy up on the couch with a cute girl and check out these ten scary flicks.

  1. "The Strangers" A frightening and simple film about a couple being harassed by three masked strangers while staying in a vacation home. There are plenty of creepy moments that will cause some necessary cuddling. After watching the couple onscreen, there is little doubt that your girl will want to make sure you stay to protect her all night long.
  2.  "Fear" Although this movie might not be considered an actual horror film, there are enough scary elements that make it qualify for this list. "Fear" is exceptionally beneficial to those nice guys who want to show a girl how bad boys are never a good idea. Sure, Mark Wahlberg's David might be sexy, but he is also completely crazy, which is terrifying.
  3. "28 Days Later" The concept of being the last people on earth can be very romantic, even if everyone else has been either eaten or turned into flesh-eating zombies. Since this zombie movie is more intelligent than most, the girl won't think you are totally idiotic for suggesting it. Even though the movie is kind of a downer, it's very entertaining.
  4. "Scream" Plenty of scares to keep the girl close, but plenty of laughs to keep things light. "Scream" is also visually stimulating with attractive male and female leads, even if most of them get brutally butchered.
  5. "House of Wax" Nothing will excite a girl more than watching Paris Hilton die an excruciating death. The movie is pretty bad, but your girl will most likely appreciate the eye candy, with the CW alumni like Jared Padalecki and Chad Michael Murray. The best part: the very hot Elisha Cuthbert running around in a dirty white tank top.
  6. "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Another film where you can watch a really hot girl (Jessica Biel) in a tight, dirty white tank top run away from a maniac. Some may say that remakes pale in comparison to the original, but this movie is a lot more fun. The film is also legitimately scary, which is always a good thing.
  7. "Final Destination" Life can be fleeting and if death is in the cards for you, it sure is going to make sure to get you. This flick is about a group of classmates who escape death by getting off a plane that is about to crash, only to get killed in the most horrific and terrifying manner before the final credits roll. Girls like to be scared and what could be scarier than a knife-wielding serial killer? Death's design.
  8. "Halloween" Returning to the simplicity of a knife-wielding serial killer, Michael Myers tops the list of creepy masked murderers. The film has the few occurrences of teenagers being punished for having sex, but that doesn't necessarily mean you won't score. Some women appreciate a genuinely scary film without all of the blood and guts, which makes "Halloween" a winner.
  9. "The Last House on the Left" The original is almost too real to enjoy, so you might want to go for the remake in this case. Although there is a lot of unpleasantness in this film, there is an ultimate feminist quality that will make you seem like an evolved individual. The film isn't really that scary, but the concept is scary enough. The rape scene could be skipped to avoid awkwardness.
  10. "Prom Night" The original and remake serve a very good purpose on this list, which is to allow plenty of time to talk to the girl you are watching the movie with. Although the original starring Jamie Lee Curtis has many good scenes and a fairly surprising ending, it can be considered a bit dated and slow moving. The remake is pretty terrible and quite boring, thus creating plenty of lulls throughout the films that allow you to get to know the lovely lady sitting on the couch next to you.
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