10 Best Sci Fi Games Of All Time

The 10 best sci fi games of all time manage to deliver a lot of fun and excitement using futuristic settings and themes. Sci fi games have a lot of advantages because the themes are usually very easy to explore while also giving the player something fun to do. Some of these video games are very thinly plotted, and more focused on action, while others are much more in-depth or atmospheric with a lot of overt sci fi story elements.

  1. “Megaman 2” is a classic action-platformer designed for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and it fits nicely into a list of the best sci-fi games of all time. You play as a robot named Megaman, and your goal is to conquer the levels of enemy robots and take their weapons. The game is perfectly paced with lots of clever elements in the level design.
  2. “Half-Life” is a first person shooter, originally designed for the PC by the game company Valve. You play as a doctor trapped in a lab after a disastrous experiment. The sense of isolation and loneliness is palpable, which is one of the main reasons it makes this list of the best sci-fi games of all time.
  3. “Super Metroid” is a game created for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and it’s one of the best sci fi games for a 16-bit console. You play as a bounty hunter named Samus Aran, and you explore a ruined planet alone. The game is virtually flawless in every way.
  4. “Metroid Prime” was originally created for the Gamecube, and it brings the Metroid franchise into 3D. Once more you play as Samus Aran, and again you find yourself alone, and exploring a ruined planet. This time you experience the whole thing from a first person perspective.
  5. “Fallout” was one of the best sci fi games for the PC. It’s a role playing game set in a post apocalyptic environment, and you play a character emerging from an underground fallout shelter in search of a chip for the shelters water recycling equipment. It is staged from a top down perspective with turn-based combat and a lot of interesting character development options.
  6. “Fallout 2” is a larger and more complex sequel to the first game. In this one, your character is supposed to be a descendent of the character in the first game. You are asked to journey in search of an item called a GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) which can supposedly instantly generate a habitable environment in the ruins. 
  7. “Master of Orion” was a very clever PC strategy game. It is very similar in some ways to Sid Meier’s “Civilization” games. You take control of a race of aliens and try to advance their society to dominate the other alien races.
  8. “System Shock 2” was a first person game for the PC with cyberpunk themes. You played a military officer on a ship where most of the crew had died, and you have to explore and try solving the mystery. The game mixes horror with action.
  9. “Star Control 2” was a great sci fi game for pc that was a strange mix between an RPG and a 2D shooter. You played the captain of a ship, and you explore the galaxy, meeting alien races and upgrading your equipment with money you find through mining and other activities.
  10. “Metal Gear Solid 3: Snakeater” was a very clever game, originally released for the Playstation 2, and definitely one of the best-plotted sci fi games ever. It’s basically a stealth game where you play a Special Forces soldier, but it takes place in an alternate universe with robots and other sci fi game elements.
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