10 Best Science Documentaries

If you're a science buff and are looking for the 10 best science documentaries, you're in luck. Science isn't just for nerds. OK, we take that back. Science is for nerds, but we admit to a bit of nerdiness because, let's face it: everyone loves a little science every now and then. So sit back, and enjoy these ten awesome science documentaries.  And if this isn't enough, make sure to check out some science videos as well.

  1. "Cosmos." Carl Sagan's series is pure awesomeness. You can't go wrong with a dude discussing the origins of the universe while posing thoughtfully on a rugged seaside cliff. You'll also marvel at the primitive special effects he uses.
  2. "Planet Earth." One of the absolute best science documentaries of all time. It's narrated by David Attenborough and produced by the BBC, so you know it's got balls and substance.
  3. "The Planets." Released by the BBC, this series focuses on the planets and their origins. Buy the original UK version, not the watered-down American version. Beware of another documentary of the same name narrated by Patrick Stewart: this one is way better, even though some of the information is a bit out-dated.
  4. "The Ascent of Man." This thirteen-volume series was a co-production of the BBC and Time-Life Films and features Dr. Jacob Bronowski as the narrator. A deep and original thinker, Bronowski lends a passionate voice to the material he presents: the development of modern man from ancient times. A truly awe-inspiring experience.
  5. "What Darwin Never Knew." This is an intriguing introduction to the theory of evolution. Unapologetic and without attempting to reconcile the evidence with religion, this PBS production presents the facts regarding genealogy and DNA evolution. We agree with others who've seen it: it should be mandatory viewing in school.
  6. "Evolution." Another PBS special, this one is an eight-hour series. The rich, baritone voice of Liam Neeson gives it the authoritative tone a comprehensive work like this requires. The series covers everything from Darwin's dangerous idea to why humans "need" God to explain our existence. You'll also discover the evolutionary principles of monogamy in terms of sex.
  7. "Blue Planet." This is another BBC series narrated by the venerable David Attenborough. It is simply astounding in its footage of a killer whale tossing a seal pup by the tail after capturing it. You don't need us to tell you what it does after this. In short, not a dull moment in the entire series. It will leave you speechless and breathless.
  8. "Walking With Dinosaurs." The BBC does it again, this time with the distinguished voice of Kenneth Branagh. This is a six-series documentary from 2000 that has even paleonologists gasping with awe.
  9. "Life Beyond Earth." Timothy Ferris presents the argument of life beyond Earth from both sides of the coin. He presents the possibility of life on other planets via Darwinian methods and in the second part discusses ways in which we, humans, are seeking interstellar communication.
  10. "The Truth About Vitamins." Here we have a British documentary that investigates whether or not vitamins really do any good. It's a good piece of detective work into a multi-billion dollar industry. Even better, it's free on several online sites.
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