10 Best Scottish Female Singers

Whether it is in Gaelic or English, the ten best Scottish female singers listed below make their homeland proud with their unique vocals and pure musical talent. Ranging in ages and genres, these gifted females grace their fans with melodies both new and old and continue to surprise the world they have taken by storm.

  1. KT Tunstall – The Edinburgh born singer is of Chinese-Scottish descent and has a uniquely inspired music that clashes pop, folk and rock. The singer made it big with her billboard hit when American Idol’s Katherine McPhee requested to use her song “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” on the show.
  2. Amy MacDonald – This Glasgow native has a very eclectic indie vibe in her music and a unique voice that attracts many fans. She won Best International Newcomer at Germany’s Echo Awards for her album “This is the Life” and has since started another album with what she calls “hooky” music.
  3. Isobel Campbell – Another Glasgow native, Campbell has made a name for herself in the indie/rock genre. Her latest album, a collaboration with Mark Lanegan, has all ready been considered as on of her greatest.
  4. Sandi Thom – Born in Macduff, this Scottish singer/songwriter hit it big when her single “I wish I was a punk rocker (with flowers in my hair)” took the world by storm. Though she has been highly criticized, Sandi Thom has released a total of three albums, all with the indie punk theme that she wanted so much.
  5. Astrid Williamson – Hailing from Shetland, this Scottish native is an Indie folk singer who founded her own record label and continues to expand her vocal bio. In May 2010, Williamson took to the roads to perform vocals for Brendan Perry on his “Ark” tour.
  6. Karen Matheson – A Gaelic singer and true Scottish born vocalist that has a unique raspy yet soprano voice. Surprisingly dynamic in her singing, Matheson provides a chilling mello sound that has won over many a music lover.
  7. Eddi Reader – This Edinburgh native became a favorite for her renditions of Robert Burns’ poetry. She has made over nine albums and is a regular performer on both stage and TV.
  8. Shirley Manson – Born in Edinburgh this Scottish native as now taken up residence in LA where she is pursuing her musical career as the lead singer in the rock band “Garbage.” The singer/actress hit it off with fans thanks to her unique voice, rebellious attitude and her choice to be something different.
  9. Rebecca Pidgeon – The Scottish beauty, born in the USA, has a wistful, sensual voice that has made a unique change to many familiar songs. Combining her acting career with her musical one, Pidgeon provided the music for her acting film “Redbelt.”
  10. Annie Lennox – The four time Grammy winner left Scotland at an early age to pursue musical lessons in England. The singer/songwriter is held as an iconoclast and a unique musician that has worked to  raise awareness and support women and children affected by the HIV/Aids pandemic in Southern Africa. 
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