10 Best Scuba Diving Gifts

Here are the 10 best scuba diving gifts. Avid scuba divers have a number of ideal gifts that can be given to them for special occasions or holidays. These will be useful in their scuba diving hobby, making their trips safer, easier and more enjoyable. Keep in mind that scuba diving equipment and accessories can be relatively expensive, especially if you want to give them something that will last. But with one of these gifts, it's almost guaranteed that the scuba diver will use it.

  1. Diving Knife: Useful for defense underwater against predators or for cutting rope to save yourself from being trapped, a stainless steel dive knife is an excellent gift for scuba divers.
  2. Scuba Flag: This is a Scuba Diver gift which is meant more for identifying their kind or gloating about the fact that they can dive and have dove in various places. But it's certainly a gift your scuba diver will always cherish.
  3. Dive Book: Having a book on hand for a scuba diver to look at on their way out to a dive location will be a perfect gift for the avid scuba diver who wants to know more about what they might see underwater.
  4. Snorkel and Mask Set: Divers can always use new masks and a snorkel is useful when they want to stay on the surface or free dive just below, making this extra bit of equipment a helpful scuba diving gift.
  5. Dive Watch: A watch that tells time at 300 feet below sea level and doesn't leak is a luxurious gift that any scuba diver would cherish and use to keep track of how much oxygen they have left and how long they have been underwater.
  6. Powerful Dive Light: This is an ideal scuba diving gift for scuba divers who like to dive at night. It's an entirely different world at this risky hour and the dive light will help them illuminate even more, so they will be able to see exactly what animals are around them.
  7. New Fins: Good fins will help a scuba diver see more and be able to move more fluidly through the water. However, the finest fins out there can become relatively expensive.
  8. Dive Helmet: The dive helmet is more of a gift for safety, but a helpful one nonetheless for scuba divers who may not be able to afford this piece of equipment. Plus, you can decorate them.
  9. Underwater Camera: Another gift that could become very expensive, but with what is seen underwater by avid scuba divers, it's a gift that will be used regularly by whichever scuba diver you give it to. And then you'll get to see the pictures.
  10. A Dive Trip: Undoubtedly the most expensive scuba diving gift, but giving an scuba diver a new, exciting place to explore underwater is the best gift that any scuba diver could ask for.
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