10 Best-Selling Artists Of The 50s

Music has been around as long as man, but the measuring of successful artists is typically done through numbers of records sold. The 50s was known for a variety of musicians, from Elvis Presley to Perez Prado. The music of the 50s was an outbreak of new styles, such as rock and roll, with the comfort of other older forms, like jazz. Here is a list of the ten best selling artists of the 50s:

  1. Bing Crosby: Bing Crosby was best known from the roaring 20s all the way through the 70s. His jazz/swing/pop-style music landed him a spot on the list because of more than 500 million records sold.
  2. Elvis Presley: Elvis Presley started shaking things up in the 50s, hitting number one over and over again on the billboards. He has sold more than 500 million records.
  3. Cliff Richard: Cliff Richard, a pop/rock/adult contemporary artist from the UK from the 50s on, has sold more than 250 million records.
  4. Nana Mouskouri: The pop/folk/jazz artist from Greece, Nana Mouskouri, also holds a coveted spot for the top ten artists from the 50s, with more than 250 million records sold.
  5. Tino Rossi: The swing artist Tino Rossi, from France, who roared from the 30s all the way through the 80s, has more than 250 million albums sold.
  6. Aretha Franklin: Like Elvis, Aretha begin hitting the music scene hard in the 50s, but unlike Elvis, her total record albums hover closer to the 100 million record mark.
  7. Brenda Lee: A United States country artist, Brenda Lee also places at the 100 million record mark and began her career in the 50s.
  8. Charles Aznavour: Charles Aznavour, a pop artist from France, was prominent in the music industry from the 30s on, and holds a place near the 100 million record mark.
  9. Dalida: The pop/disco artist from Italy, Dalida, who has a statue erected in her name, also holds a near 100 million mark for records sold and had a career that spanned from the 50s to the 80s.
  10. Dolly Parton: Although Dolly Parton is known for many things, her musical career, that crossed the lines between pop, country and folk genres from the 50s on, places her near the 100 million mark for records sold.
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