10 Best Selling Board Games 2009

The ten best board games in 2009 allow the players to use their imagination and be combative compared to previous games.  These board games force the players to resolve their problems both as a team and individually. Here is list of the ten best board games:

  1. "Small World" is a game showing how generations evolve. The children realize their world is too small and must be expanded. The players fight over territories, which makes this fun for the whole family.
  2. "Dominion: Intrigue" has lots of interaction making it one of the best board games. The interaction in this game makes it fun for those who enjoy a bit of game mastery. The depth and dimension that the cards bring to this game is truly fun and exciting.                                                                                                         
  3. "Pandemic: On the Brink" provides the interaction that will have your family playing for hours. This game offers various types of non-realistic and realistic situations. As your family opens up their imagination you will feel the close family bond getting stronger.
  4. "Tigris & Euphrates: Deluxe Edition" offers enough interaction for all four players. As you learn to create a civilization, you will feel yourself stepping back into time. This game allows you to visualize the rise and fall of dynasties that existed back in time.                                                                            
  5. "Red November"'s game is interactive where the players must work as a team in order to win. Everyone is on the sinking submarine and it is up to each player to cooperate to fix the vessel while stopping other catastrophes. This game will keep every player on high alert while playing.        
  6. "Cosmic Encounter" has the players taking over the world. This space invasion involves deception amongst the players allowing only one person to be victorious. As your family plays they will get to see just how determined each player is to win.
  7. "Tales of the Arabian Nights" is about a mythical world following different tales so that they can reach their destination. This game involves the player making the right choices that will lead him to be victorious. The goal for each player is to become rich during his travels and return to Baghdad.
  8.  "Carcassonne: Big Box 2" is a game of luck and strategy for anyone. It can be calming like wooing the princess to attacking by defending yourself from the dragon. The placement of the player’s tiles will determine the amount of luck and strategy each player encounters.
  9. "Ticket to Ride Europa 1912" is for people who normally shy away from board games. The maps and routes throughout the game show you how to  reach your destination which help when your initial route is detoured. 
  10. "Warhammer: Invasion LCG" is not just another card game; players use strategic moves to get to the next level. The game ends when one of the two player’s two zones is destroyed or when one of the players runs out of cards.
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