10 Best Selling Female Artists Of All Time

If you have wondered which female singers can really sing and perform, then you should know the 10 best selling female artists of all time. Although it may seem like God has given them an awesome voice, they still need to go through plenty of vocal training classes, singing practices, and rehearsals. Since there are no short cuts in life, they have to work extremely hard for becoming the best singers. The following list will show you briefly on the 10 best selling female artists of all time.

  1. Madonna. Diving into the music business since 1979, this rock, pop and dancing queen has made approximately $156.5 million dollars in sales on her music records.
  2. Mariah Carey. Although this pop/R&B diva starts her music career in 1990, the sales of her music records is around $200 million dollars.
  3. Celine Dion. This Canada native pop singer has involved with the music business in 1989. Just like Mariah, she has also earned $200 million dollars.
  4. Britney Spears. Although this multi-talented pop/dance super star hasn’t reached her “three zero” yet, she has generated about $100 million dollars in record sales.  
  5. Cher. Throughout her 46 years in the music industry, this pop singer has earned a total of $100 million dollars in record revenues.
  6. Janet Jackson. Besides singing, this R&B/pop is also known as a great dancer. She has generated $100 million dollars as her music income.
  7. Olivia Newton-John. Besides being a four time Grammy award winner, the total music sales for this Aussie born singer is $100 million dollars.
  8. Tina Turner. Surviving in entertainment for a total of 42 years, this African American rock and roll/pop singer has won multiple awards and achievements. Her $100 million dollars in earnings has said it all.
  9. Whitney Houston. Besides concentrating on her music career in pop/R&B, this beautiful African American is also an actress, and a former fashion model. Her fall from grace doesn’t seem to affect her from money  making, thus far, totaling of $170 million dollars in her record sales.
  10. Beyonce Knowles. It is absolutely appropriate to describe this African American singer as young, sexy, gorgeous and multi-talented. This pop/R&B diva has made $50 million dollars in record sales.
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