10 Best-Selling Female R&B Singers

The 10 best-selling Female R&B singers need to have the whole package which includes the right looks, an amazing voice, and a best-selling title. There are hundreds of R&B singers in the world, but only 10 of them made our exclusive list of the best-selling female R&B singers. So who made the list? Read on to find out.

  1. Beyonce. Beyonce's success began back in the 90's with her wildly successful group "Destiny's Child." Since then, Beyonce has gone solo and has sold million of albums worldwide. 
  2. Alicia Keys. This soulful R&B success sold over 12 million copies in 2001 with her debut album titled "Songs in A Minor." Since then, things have only gotten better for Keys in the world of R&B music. 
  3. Mariah Carey. It's impossible to have a list of the best female R&B artists and not include Mariah Carey. This R&B sensation has sold over 170 million albums, singles, and videos worldwide, and has the voice of an angel as well. 
  4. Brandy. One of the most multi-talented artists on the list, Brandy is also an accomplished actress, producer, and songwriter. Though she may not be selling as many albums as she did in the 90's, she is truly one of the classics on our list. 
  5. Monica. Monica began recording at the young age of 13, and soon became an instant success with her debut album "Miss Thang" in 1995. She is currently still going strong and has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide. 
  6. Mary J. Blige. This multi-platinum selling R&B sensation is a force to be reckoned with. Blige is a singer, producer, songwriter, actress, and rapper, and has accomplished so much in her very successful career. 
  7. Aaliyah. Although Aaliyah tragically died back in 2001, she still makes our list of the best female R&B singers. Her debut album "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number" sold over 3 million copies alone, and the world was devastated to lose such an amazing artist so early in her career. 
  8. En Vogue. This American female R&B group has been going strong since the late 1980's. In fact, En Vogue has won more MTV Video Music Awards than any other female R&B group to exist. 
  9. Paula Abdul. How can we make a list of the best-selling female R&B singers and not include Paula Abdul? Paula began her R&B career back in the 80's, and has since then sold nearly 30 million records through out the world. 
  10. Toni Braxton. Braxton began topping the charts back in 1993 with her self-titled debut album, and hasn't slowed down since. We also love Toni Braxton because she recently showed off her dancing skills on the hit show "Dancing with the Stars." 
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