10 Best-Selling Rap Albums Of 2006

Many sites list their personal opinion of the 10 best rap albums of 2006, but the numbers for the 10 best-selling rap albums of 2006 seem to differ. Here is the actual list based on sales, not opinion.

  1. "King" – T.I.:  "King", T.I's fourth album, was set to release with the same timing as his first move to the silver screen in the movie "ATL." Not only this, but the album was crafted with immense skill and not at all slapped together. T.I.'s rap and charm are enough to captivate fans old and new, and these aspects shot his album to the top of the 10 best selling rap albums of 2006.
  2. "Tha Carter II" – Lil Wayne:  2006 was admittedly a rather dead year for rap, but thankfully, artists like Lil Wayne swooped in to kick start it back to life. Lil Wayne has managed to marry the styles of rap's forefathers and the attitude of its modern swing. Sales for "Tha Carter II" soared because of these aspects to land him the second slot on the top 10 list.
  3. "Curtain Call: The Hits" – Eminem:  Continuing is usual media mantra, Eminem released an album in 2006 which was all over the place with critics. Some praised the lord that he was "probably" calling it quits, while others lamented over losing such unique talent. There seemed to be no question in the hearts of the fans, though. As "Curtain Call: The Hits" sits pretty in the number three spot, and the top 10 best selling rap albums of 2006 cannot be denied or changed.
  4. "Duets: The Final Chapter" – The Notorious B.I.G.:   As the name implies, "Duets: The Final Chapter" is supposed to be the final piece on B.I.G's life and legacy, and takes many of his famous rhymes and spruces them up with guests artists' interjections. Sounds a bit annoying and disrespectful in concept, but works beautifully in practice, as its position in number four demonstrates.
  5. "The Sound of Revenge" – Chamillionaire:  Working common music themes of his time with deep and slightly more complex lyrics, Chamillionaire earns himself a respectable place in 2006. Noted publicly as an act to keep an eye, the self proclaimed true king of the south has yet to disappoint.
  6. "New Joc City" – Yung Joc: Club banger or true talent? The debate continues on heatedly, while Yung Joc enjoys a spot in the top 10 best selling rap albums of 2006.
  7. "Port of Miami" – Rick Ross: Popularity of Rick Ross is rather controversial, with many referring to him as a lazy rapper, but he held strong in 2006 at the 7th spot on the charts.
  8. "Release Therapy" – Ludacris:  While a rather formulaic album, "Release Therapy" still manages to follow a formula which works, and Ludacris can keep himself in the public's eye with 8th place on the top 10 best selling albums of 2006.
  9. "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" – Soundtrack:  Starting around 2005, 50 Cent began showing us he knows how to effectively appeal to a wider audience than the gun-slinging wannabes, and his movie and subsequent soundtrack "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" was an excellent case in point.
  10. "What the Game's Been Missing!" – Juelz Santana:  Unfortunately, it seems most critics were unimpressed with Santana's presence all over the media, but rather lack-luster rhymes. Still, fans were impressed enough to just squeeze him into the top 10.

It's funny to note that the top 10 best selling rap albums of 2006 is a very different from most "best of" lists. The gap between fan tastes and critic reviews remains wide! Sales numbers, however, do not lie.

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