10 Best Semi-Slick Mountain Bike Tires

Looking for the 10 best semi-slick mountain bike tires? Semi-slick or slick tires are used for those cyclists who like to avoid traveling in mud or rough surfaces. These tires have low resistance so it increases the speed and also the joy of ride. Here are 10 best semi-slick mountain bike tires.

  1. Maxxis Holy Roller 26" Tire. This is the best semi-slick mountain bike tire for people who want to ride their mountain bikes on roads. However, it also has a semi-knob pattern that gives the tire grip on hard and rough terrain.
  2. Schwalbe Rocket Ron Performance MTB Tire. This is a mountain bike tire that is engineered specially for speed. It features a self-cleaning system with its open-tread pattern.
  3. Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick Mountain Bike Clincher Tire is a stunning new addition to the family of best semi-slick mountain bike tires. The tire Size is “26 x 1.5” and approximate weight is 385 g. And with such a light weight and small size it has pressure Range of 45/95.
  4. Geax Mezcal Mountain Bike Tire is engineered as semi-slick a mountain bike tire with reliability and handling. The center treads with diamond shape decreases resistance to maintain the velocity and balance.
  5. Schwalbe Super Moto HS 338 Slick Mountain Bike Tire is a “26×2.35” inch tire with Speed Grip Folding and treads. These tires are built to offer extended durability and outstanding performance.
  6. Continental Sport Contact Tire is a 26 Inch tire with long-lasting skin and light weight structure. This tire is one of the best semi-slick mountain bike tires out in market.
  7. Schwalbe Marathon 26" Tire is a uniquely engineered tire specially used at smooth and level routes. As the name suggests it can be used for marathon riding because it has an easy and prolonged comfy drive.
  8. The Hutchinson Piranha Tubeless Mountain Bike Tire is made up of latex and rubber. This ensures a seal of solid bead and hold pressure when riding on corners. It is one of the most stable semi-slick mountain bike tires.
  9. Sweetskinz Semi-Slick Mountain Bike Tire” is a ‘26 x 1.95’ inch tire. The most distinguish thing it has to offer is its beauty. It is the world’s first color reflective tire.
  10.  Continental Country Plus Tire is a genuine production for smooth and fast riding. It has all the features that best semi-slick mountain bike tire has to offer.
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