10 Best Senators Of All Time

Many Americans may be curious to know who is considered the 10 best senators of all time. This list of senators includes both Democrats and Republicans. What makes a senator considered a great senator is the acts he/she has performed while serving their office, not necessarily what party he/she represented.

  1. Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy: Ted Kennedy was the brother to the late President John F. Kennedy. He was a Democratic senator from Massachusetts who held the office for 47 years from 1962 until his death in 2009. Ted was known for helping to pass laws to help health research, civil rights, and education.
  2. Hillary Rodham Clinton:  Hillary Clinton is the wife of former President Bill Clinton. She held the office of senator for the Democratic Party for the state of New York form 2001 to 2009, when she began her own bid for the presidency, in which she lost. Currently, she holds the office of the United States Secretary of State. Health care reform has always been one of Hillary Clinton’s main concerns.
  3. John C.CalhounJohn C. Calhoun was senator for South Carolina from 1832 to 1845 as a Democratic Republican. He served again from the years 1845 to 1850 as a Democrat. He ran for his seat in the senate while holding the seat as Vice President to President Andrew Jackson. He believed in states rights and nullification, the state’s right to declare federal law unjust and null it.
  4. John McCain: John McCain is a Republican serving as Senator for the state of Arizona. He began his career as senator in 1987. He ran for president twice. He continues his duties today as senator for the state of Arizona.  He is known for opposing pork barrel spending.
  5. Henry Clay:  Henry Clay was known as the "Great Compromiser" because he helped to broker the issue of slavery.  Serving the state of Kentucky as a senator from the years 1806-1807, 1810-1811, 1831-1842 and 1849 to 1852, he was a member of the Democratic Republican Party, and the National Republication party which later become known as Whig.
  6. Eric Cantor: Eric Cantor is a Republican senator from Virginia.  He was elected to this office in 2008 and continues to hold it. He is known for opposing the Health Reform Bill.
  7. Robert A.TaftRobert was a Republican senator from Ohio. He served this position from 1939 to 1953. Robert A. Taft is known for curbing the power of labor unions.
  8. John Kerry:  John Kerry is a Democratic senator from Massachusetts. He has been serving this position since 1985. In 2004, he ran for President. However, he lost to George W. Bush by 34 electoral votes. He is still serving this position. During his tenure as senatorm, he has helped passed bills to help fight terrorism, help education and help veterans.
  9. Olympia J.Snowe: Olympia Snowe is a Republican senator from Maine. She was elected to this position in 1995. Is known for helping to sway the outcome of close votes. Recently, she has been working closely with Obama Administration on the health reform bill.
  10. James Storm Thurmond:  James Strom Thurmond stayed in office until he reached the age of 100. He was a Democrat he held the office of Senator for the state of South Carolina.


Henry Clay

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