10 Best Serial Killer Movies

If you love to watch flicks about serial killers, you would probably like to know which ones might be the 10 best serial killer movies. Great movies will always have a hero and a villain. Sometimes the villains, or antagonists in movies, especially thrillers and horrors will be or will become serial killers. Around four hundred movies are produced each year and a large portion of them are thrillers and horrors.

  1. "The Silence Of The Lambs".  This thriller is about a serial killer imprisoned in solitary confinement who helps an FBI agent profile and catch an active serial killer. After helping the special agent identify the active serial killer, the imprisoned serial killer escapes with plans to continue his form of carnage, cannibalism.
  2. "The Bone Collector". This thriller revolves around a serial killer who leaves pieces of his victims bones as clues to saving them. A criminal investigator, now a quadriplegic with the use of only one finger, becomes the brains for a detective to profile and catch the serial killer. In the end, the investigator will have to save himself when the serial killer enters his home while he is alone.
  3. "Seven". "Seven" is about a religious serial killer who picks his victims according to their weakness for the seven deadly sins. The two detectives tracking the killer have very different motivations for catching the serial killer. They are at opposite ends of their careers, one is a new detective and the other is about to retire.
  4. "The Boston Strangler". Based on the true story of serial killer Albert DeSalvo, who terrorized the city of Boston for eighteen months. This thriller is seen from the view of the Boston police force as it desperately tries to catch the Boston strangler with next to zero clues to follow.
  5. "Mr. Brooks". "Mr. Brooks" is a psychological thriller about a man who is compelled to kill by his alter ego, Mr. Brooks. The killer leads a very calculated double life that makes his capture seem almost impossible. 
  6. "Phone Booth". A sniper forces a man into a phone booth to make the man confess a deep dark secret to his wife over the phone. The victim's reluctance causes the sniper to kill people on the street around the phone booth until the victim makes the call to his wife.
  7. "Fallen". A supernatural thriller. Moments before his execution, a serial killer claims he cannot be stopped. Just hours after the killer's execution the killings return. The arresting detective begins his search for a copy cat killer, only to find out the executed serial killer can switch bodies at will.
  8. "Suspect Zero". This thriller follows a serial killer who stalks and kills other serial killers. An F.B.I. agent is brought in on the case because of his remote viewing capabilities. As time goes on the F.B.I. agent himself  is suspected of being suspect zero until his abilities reveal the true serial killer.
  9. "Monster". The true story of serial killer Aileen Wuornos. The story reveals a lot about the childhood of the most prolific female serial killer of men in America. You will get a chance to see the human side of this woman and maybe be able to understand why she turned into the monster that she was.
  10. "Saw". About a man who has to accept his inevitable death. This man becomes a serial killer who feels the only way anyone can appreciated life is to face death. He kidnaps people who he believes are taking their lives for granted. His victims will only die if they cannot escape his elaborate traps that tests their will to live.
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