10 Best Sex Positions In Kamasutra

If you really want to spice things up in the bedroom, you’re going to need to learn the 10 best sex positions in Kamasutra. This ancient Indian art of love-making has driven couples wild for centuries, so it will surely bring a little more excitement for you and your partner. Limber up, grab your partner, and get ready to learn some of the best sex positions inKkamasutra.

  1. Widely Opened. A great position for beginners to avant-garde sex positions. Kneel on the bed and have her lie on her back, wrapping her legs around you. She’ll have to arch her back and lean backwards while you thrust into her, holding her on her lower back.
  2. Indrani. This position is great for the gentlemen who is packing a little extra downstairs. Have your lady lie on her back and bend her knees up to her chest. You enter her and have her rest her feet in your armpits or put her feet on your chest, whichever is more comfortable for you. The relaxed nature of the Indrani makes it one of the best sex positions in Kamasutra for people who are new to the world of extreme sex positions.
  3. Yawning Position. While more relaxed, this is still one of the best sex positions in Kamasutra. Have your partner lie on her back and place her legs on your shoulders while you enter her.
  4. Milk and Water Embrace. This position requires the use of an armless chair. Sit down and have your partner sit on your lap but facing away from you. Touch her down there while she rocks back and forth, ensuring that both of you get to an explosive finish.
  5. Side-by-Side Clasping Position. Both of you need to lie on your side with your legs stretched out to their fullest extent. Clasp each other while you thrust into her, giving both of you a laid back but still explosive orgasm.
  6. Splitting Bamboo. A variation on the standard man on top position, have her lie on her back and place her leg on your shoulder. You’ll take total control while getting deeper penetration without hurting your partner.
  7. The Tigress. Very similar to reverse cowgirl, lie on your back and have your partner sit on top of you but facing away. After you enter her, have her lean back and place a hand on your chest. This will allow her to take control while you relax and enjoy the great view.
  8. The Lotus. The both of you are going to need to limber up for this position—it takes quite a bit of flexibility. Have her lie on her back and cross her legs, bringing them as close to her chest as possible. You enter from on top of her, hitting her G spot with every thrust.
  9. The Pair of Tongs. This is one of the best sex positions in Kamasutra for being one of the most adventurous. Have your partner lie on her side at the edge of the bed, leaving only her calves, ankles, and feet on it while supporting herself with her left arm. You stand astride her left leg, hold her other leg up, and enter from the back, holding her up as you thrust into her. This one is definitely reserved for more energetic couples and shouldn’t be attempted by the out of shape.
  10. Suspended Congress. Another position that isn’t for those lacking upper body strength, put your back to a wall while lifting your partner, holding her under her rear end. Have her hold onto your waist with her thighs while pushing against the wall with her feet for added support; you keep supporting her with your hands and back while thrusting into her. Slightly tiring on your back, but definitely worth every minute of ecstasy.

These are just some of the best sex positions in Kamasutra to help you add a little excitement into your love life. Be sure to discuss every step before you attempt it, be sure that you and your partner are being safe, and most importantly, have fun!

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