10 Best Sex Positions

When looking for the 10 best sex positions, you may come across pages and pages of examples. Some are for the man’s ultimate pleasure and some for the woman. You will find some that you would need to be double jointed to perform. These best sex positions are simple and can provide maximum pleasure. 

  1. Woman on Top This position puts the woman in total control of the movements. The front to back or circular motions cause a friction between both the man and woman. This is one of the best sex positions for deep penetration. 
  2. Leap Frog or Lusty Leap Frog  While it is similar to woman on top, instead of kneeling the woman is in a standing but squatting position. The front to back motion is replaced with up and down, similar to missionary style, only reversed.
  3. Lap Dance The lap dance works best when using a rocking chair or rocking recliner. The man sits with the woman on top of him. Her legs should be over the arms of the chair and holding on to the back to help control the motion. The rocking of the chair helps for deeper penetration.
  4. Doggy Style Now, some women find this degrading, but obviously they have not tried it. Doggy Style allows for deep penetration with the man kneeling behind the woman who is on all fours. This always works with the woman kneeling on the edge of the bed and the man standing behind her.
  5. The Seventh Posture This is probably also known by other names, but the seventh posture allows for deep penetration with a twist. The woman lies on her side, while the man straddles one leg. The woman’s other leg goes over the man’s shoulder. In this one of the best sex positions, the movements of the woman will be from left to right as the man is thrusting in and out.
  6. Reverse Cowgirl Just like woman on top or Leap Frog only backwards. As the man lies flat on his back, the woman straddles him facing his feet. The further the woman leans forwards or backwards changes the angle of penetration.
  7. Missionary Now this has many different names and the name can change just by the woman changing the angle of her legs. Regardless of the name, the woman is on the bottom and the man is on the top doing most of the work. When the woman changes the position of her legs, the depth of penetration and angle change giving different sensations.
  8. Seated Wheelbarrow The man sits on the edge of the bed or anywhere else the woman can reach the floor while straddling him backwards. This position does require some upper body strength on the woman's part, since she will be holding herself up and using her arms for some of the motion.
  9. Shoulder Holder A variation of the missionary position, another of the best sex positions.  The woman's legs rest on the man's shoulders. This allows for various depths and angles of penetration, depending on the amount the man leans forward. The amount he leans forward will also depend on the flexibility for the woman.
  10. Downward Dog This rear entry position is similar to doggy style. The woman lies on her stomach with her hips slightly raised, while the man enters her from behind. The woman can use a pillow under her upper body to adjust the angle of penetration.

These positions may or may not be on your best sex positions list. If you have never tried them pick one and explore something new. You may find a new favorite position that allows for your maximum pleasure.

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