10 Best Sex Quotes From Songs

Looking for the 10 best sex quotes from songs? Music is a great way of expressing how you feel and, let's face it, there are some great songs that can really put you in the mood. But some songs are so blatantly sexual that they're either an instant turn-on or a comedic affair, depending on the moment. Here are some of the best sex quotes from songs that can either turn you on or make you bust a gut. What mood do they put you in?

  1. "Gimme Good Sex" by E-rotic. "I'm Max, I'm Max, I'm better than Fritz and I'm good for your body and I'm good for your tits. I do it from the front and I do it from behind. Oh I'm the greatest lover, I'm the best that you will find."
  2. "Get On Top" by Tim Buckley. "Well, like a bitch dog in heat we had those bed springs a squeakin' all night long. And didn't you hear those walls a talkin'? Get on top of me woman. Get on top. Get on top of me woman. I just wanna see what you learned."
  3. "Reel Around the Fountain" by The Smiths. "You can pin and mount me like a butterfly."
  4. "Till (Your Legs Start Shaking)" by Sleepy Brown:."I won't stop till your legs start shaking. Keep on going till your legs start shaking."
  5. "Sex Song" by Tenacious D. "It's all about sex supreme, we likes to cream jeans. Have you ever been worked on, by two guys who are hot for your snatch? That's what I'm offerin` you."
  6. "Birthday Sex" by Jeremih. "Don't need candles and cake. Just need your body to make Birthday sex. Birthday sex oohoohoohooh(It's the best day of the year girl)."
  7. "My Neck, My Back" by Khia. "My Neck, my back. Lick my p—y and my crack." Pretty straight-forward, there.
  8. "How Many Licks" by Lil Kim. "And Tony he was Italian (Uh-huh) And he didn't give a f—k (Uh-huh) That's what I liked about him. He ate my p—y from dark till the mornin. Called his girl up and told her we was bonin."
  9. "I Can Tell You Wana" by 504 Boyz. "Cuz I was peepin you. Lookin’ at your hips got me thinking about how deep in you I can probably go. You hear about No Limit Soldiers? We get up and hit it harder than De La Hoya. I thought I told you soldier draws, caught up in my balls. I'm known for ripping the p—y walls."
  10. "Freaks" by Play-N-Skillz. "I wanna lick, lick ya. Naw, none of that. To the bedroom, give me head room. Straight to the point, my time to clown. Let you know from the gate, I don’t go down town."
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