10 Best Sexual Aphrodisiacs

The 10 best sexual aphrodisiacs will help men and women reach sexual arousal. Aphrodisiacs are things that arouse sexual desire and helps with sexual performance. It has been stated that sexual arousal may come from eating foods that look like sexual organs such as bananas and oysters. But foods aren’t the only sexual aphrodisiacs. It can be something as simple as a smell, touch, sight or sound.

  1. Oysters– Oysters are the best sexual aphrodisiacs. The zinc that is in the oysters cause sexual arousal. Fresh and raw are the only way to eat oysters in order to provide sexual arousal. Cooked oysters take away the potency.
  2. Strawberries– A ripe strawberry make the best sexual aphrodisiac. They make better arousal foods when you dip them in chocolate or whipped cream. It makes things more sexual. If you eat wild strawberries and wash them down with white port wine, this is a very powerful sexual aphrodisiac.
  3. Perfume– Perfume is the best sexual aphrodisiac because women that smell good give off the scent of passion and desire. Placing a couple of drops of perfume on the nape of your neck sends a statement of lust and intimacy. The key to seduction is to place a few drops of perfume between your breasts.
  4. Massage– The art of massage is the best sexual aphrodisiac. Touching the skin is the most intimate way to express desire. Mineral oil, soft music and candles set the perfect atmosphere for a massage.
  5. Sex Video– Most people love their appearance and love to look at themselves in mirrors and store windows. Making an erotic video with you lover and then watching it together afterwards is an amazing aphrodisiac. Or you can watch a porn video together watching others having sex.
  6. Music– Music is the best sexual aphrodisiac because it creates an intimate atmosphere. Lie down with your partner and close you eyes. Let your soul get lost in the music. Don’t use heavy music like rock or jazz. Instead choose softer music such as blues, symphony, classical or soft country.
  7. Chocolate– Chocolate has also been known as the best and most powerful aphrodisiac. It has over 400 chemicals that arouse feelings of love and passion. The most important chemicals in chocolate are Caffeine and PEA, which is a brain chemical.
  8. Alcohol- This one is a given when it comes to aphrodisiacs. Alcohol stimulates the libido. But this has to be taken in moderation. A moderate amount of alcohol will relax you and will release inhibitions. If you drink too much alcohol, you will just pass out and wake up in the morning.
  9. Ginger- Ginger has been used for centuries as a powerful aphrodisiac. Indian herbalists state that you should mix ginger juice, honey and half-boiled eggs to stimulate the libido. Young maidens in Europe believe that if they ate ginger bread it would bring them a mate.
  10. Roses- Roses are given to lovers all the time, but few people know that roses are one of the best sexual aphrodisiac. Roses are used often in love potions and the rose petals can be eaten. You can use rose petals in a salad or add rose water to vanilla ice cream.
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