10 Best Sexy TV Shows

Television just keeps getting sexier and sexier and these are the ten best sexy TV shows. 

  1. "Nip/Tuck" – There is little left to the imagination on this show as it leaves no holds barred. "Nip/Tuck" is the sexiest show on television and sadly is leaving us with its sixth and final season is the winter/spring of 2010. From the very beginning this show has produced some of the sexiest moments TV could air and everyone's jaws dropped as it changed television forever. 
  2. "Baywatch" – Slow motion running had never looked any sexier than on this show. "Baywatch" brought us some of the sexiest women in Hollywood with lovely ladies like Carmen Electra, Brooke Burns, and the infamous Pamela Anderson. This show definitely brought sexy to television as viewers fell in love with the scantily clad cast saving lives on the sexiest beach ever.
  3. "Gilligan's Island" – If this show was reshot in the present time, it would probably be the most sexy show on television ever…or maybe it would be called "Lost." But don't let the age of this show fool you, this show brought sexy to television. Who could forget Ginger and Mary Ann? Those women ran the island with sex appeal. 
  4. "Mad Men" – There is more to sexy then just looks. Sexy can come from power and confidence and this show reeks of it. Don Draper is a man's man and can dominant the best of them. The "Mad Men" crew do get their fair share of beautiful women running around the show and of course sex sells when you are in the advertising business.
  5. "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" – Sarah Michelle Gellar practically bled sexiness on this show along with her attractive cast mates. Not only was there slaying of vampires in sexy outfits, but slaying of love in the sack as well. Lesbianism, vampire love, and beautiful people can definitely make for a sexy show. 
  6. "Alias" – When you're a secret agent sometimes you have to use every weapon at your disposal. Jennifer Garner definitely had the weapon of attractiveness on her side and the writer's knew how to throw looks into a story line with ease. With each different costume Garner put on we fell in love every time. 
  7. "Lost" – If you were to get stranded on an island what would you bring with you? If you are on the island in "Lost" it would be a bunch of beautiful people and hardly any clothing. Hello Kate and Sawyer! This show has the sex appeal for both sides and who could complain? Now if everyone just took a second to stop figuring out how to get off the island maybe they could have a little fun for a second with each other. 
  8. "True Blood" – Of course the vampires of "True Blood" would be sexy. Vampires are the new "it" thing and dash a little sex in there and you have yourselves a hit TV show. Who would have thought that blood thirsty vampires would be sexy and provocative to watch? Oh wait, "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" did it, but this is just as sexy if not more.
  9. "The O.C." – The sexy teens of Orange County, with their bathing suits, pool houses, and drama had to be on this list. Even the ugliest person on this show probably has had more sex than you, because there are no ugly people in "The O.C." There couldn't have been a show more full of sexy young stars than this show.
  10. "Dancing With The Stars" – This isn't a typical show like the rest of them, but it is on television, and these dancers are sexy. Sexy stars/dancers with sexy dance moves that grind and groove hotter than the sun has to be some good old sexy television. The outfits get smaller and smaller and the dancing just gets all the more sexier every year. Tune in once and it'll have you hooked with raw sex appeal. 

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