10 Best Shocking Movie Endings

When it comes to listing the ten best shocking movie endings, nobody should be able to predict them. Of course, when you go to see a romantic comedy it's depressing if the characters don't get together. However, some of the most memorable movies have given us a one-two punch at the end of the film, shocking us with endings that couldn't have been predicted. Here's a list of the ten most shocking movie endings. It does include spoilers of the films, as we look at the shocking endings.

  1.  "The Shining" provides one of the most shocking movie endings in history. Although we get clues about the horror of the hotel throughout the movie, the ending with Jack Nicholson's character going crazy and trying to kill his wife and child can still chill the blood. It's a frightening ending that may leave you up all night with the lights on.
  2.  "Shutter Island" provided what is surely to be called the most shocking movie ending of 2010. The protagonist, portrayed brilliantly by Leonardo DiCaprio, is someone that we believe in  until the shocking ending brings the truth to light and reveals who this character truly is. Suddenly, the unsettled realities and clues of the whole film make sense within one shocking scene at the end.
  3. "Hard Candy" tells the story of a sexual predator who goes to meet young girls from the Internet and the one situation where he meets his match. Although this shocking twist in the middle of the story sets us on one path, the shocking ending reveals an even greater twist.
  4. "Friday the 13th" provides a great shock at its ending, twisting what you thought you had figured out. To add on to the shock, the boy believed to be drowned comes back to life at the end, attempting to finish off the one victim that got away from his mother by killing her.
  5. "The Others" provides a very shocking ending. Nicole Kidman brings a great fear and dread to her character in a movie that she carries almost entirely from within an eerie old house. The cast of characters also includes the servants and her on-screen children. The shock comes from what the doting, overprotective mother really did to her children, and the truth of it all is revealed in the truly surprising ending.
  6. "The Sixth Sense" provided probably one of the most surprising endings of the movie, unless you were already placed in the know from others who talked about it or from the hints along the way. It will really shock you and make you want to watch it a second time.
  7. "American Beauty" also had a very shocking ending. No, the shock did not come from the protagonist's death. Lester, portrayed by Kevin Spacey, tells the audience in his initial introduction monologue that he is going to be dead within the year. What is shocking is who kills him and why, and the brilliant monologue that ends the film.
  8. "Thelma and Louise" provided a shocking ending if ever there was one. The two women, Thelma and Louise, are escaping the entrapment of their everyday lives when they meet with some very bad luck. When the law catches up to them their decision about how to avoid the cops is unsettling. Yet, somehow many viewers are still cheering them on.
  9. "Carrie" also provides a shocking ending, although it's too often already spoiled due to its notoriety and its status as a modern classic horror film. Some may say that the film is a warning about the violence that can erupt when victimized kids are bullied and pushed too far. Whether you see it as a strong cry to society that encourages or at least enables bullying–or simply a scary movie–you'll love this story and how it unfolds, right up and through the shocking ending.
  10. "The Neverending Story" marries the imagination with reality. This is a more light-hearted choice to end off the countdown, but it's a wonderful ending that takes you by surprise. The young boy who was so often picked on is now empowered and wins.
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