10 Best Shoes For Parkour

The best running shoes for parkour are used just for this particular running  type sport. Light weight shoes with supportive non-skid soles are needed for quick maneuvers and to maintain high performance for runners. Also needed is the correct air pocketing within the shoe to cause less impact during during running. Most runners are able to run faster when they wear the correct shoes, running from one point to another as fast as they can. This is the parkour sport in a nutshell.

  1. Merrell Waterpros or Slams These shoes meet all the requirements of a great parkour shoe. They can be expensive, but these shoes tend to last a long time.
  2. Nike Darts. The Nike Dart soles are a little thick, but they are less expensive than the Merrells. Aside from that detail, they are one of the best parkour shoes available. They have a nice arch and supportive structures such as air pockets within the shoe to allow for a good and successful jump to occur without the chance of a stress injury.  
  3. Dunlop Volley.s These shoes meet all the requirements but the thin cheap soles wear out quickly. So if they are used a lot, they will wear out quicker than some of the other models on this list.
  4. Feiyues. This shoe is similar to Dunlop Volley’s but they have an even thinner sole and are more expensive for the pocket. This shoe is very light and unobtrusive. It has little padding and support within the shoe. Martial arts monks wear them.
  5. Saloman Tech Amphibian. This shoe is made for the wet outdoors. It does not have the traction that other parkour type shoes have but it does tolerate the wet outdoors.
  6. Nike free 5.0. These are the best light shoes for parkour. They also have a great grip. The only problem is their soles rip apart easily with the normal wear and tear of the parkour sport activities.
  7. Nike free 7.0 .These are a little bit heavier than the Nike free 5.0. The soles rip apart just as much as the 5.0 shoes. They still are one of the best shoes for parkour, however.
  8. AFAIK. These are considered one of the best types of shoes for parkour. They are very popular as they are difficult to buy and very little people have them. They only can be purchased in the UK.
  9. K-Swiss Ariake Stability Running Shoe Men. These shoes meet the requirements for parkour. They are a popular and colorful shoe, allowing the best jumps and running to occur.
  10. 980 TATOU.  This shoe features a wraparound sole providing a grip helpful for many angles of the parkour sport. The flexibility of the shoe provide an extra bounce for jumping and running like a cougar cat.
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