10 Best Shoes For Standing

What are the ten best shoes for standing? This question may not matter as much as the ten best quarterbacks of all time, but for someone in job where he or she must stand all day. The answer becomes very important to his happiness. Nurses, salesman, and other people required to be on their feet all day will find this discussion to be of vital national importance.

  1. New Balance Shoes – New Balance offers sneakers that offer a good deal of comfort for many applications. Some of the comfort depends on the shape of the foot. A black pair of New Balance shoes will conform to many dress shoes that others do not.
  2. Crocs. These rubber-soled shoes provide a great deal of arch support and a good deal of rubber underneath the feet. A person who has a job with a casual dress code can get away with crocs, although they are generally not ideal for places where a uniform is required.  They may make you look dorky, but they are one of the best shoes for standing.
  3. Bearpaw Moccasins – Bearpaw Moccasins work for some people, although they do not seem to have much of the shock absorbing capacity of other shoes on this list. People with flat-feet may find that moccasins work better than other shoe types.
  4. Nike Shocks – These shoes have springs that distribute a person’s weight as he takes each step, which is necessary for people who spend all day walking.  They are also comfortable. Nike shoes are often several sizes smaller than those made by other companies. Shocks, one of the best shoes for standing, also looks like something out of Back to the Future Part II.
  5. Airwalk’s Crocs Clone – The Airwalk shoes are slightly less durable than the pairs made by Crocs, but they have the same shock-absorbing properties as the more expensive Croc shoes.
  6. Ugg Boots ­ — Men who spend most of the time on their feet will probably not choose to use Ugg boots. Women will find the sheepskin lining provides a great deal of comfort. The lining also keeps their feet warm during winter. They probably do make some models for men, but they are one of the best standing shoes for female professionals.
  7. Etonics – This shoe company makes shoes for people with wide feet and they have a high arch support which can ease some of the problems that high arches create.  Etonics make it easier to stand for long periods of time if you have wide feet and high arches.
  8. Simple Tennis shoes – Do not get confused by this option of the ten best shoes for standing. Tennis shoes with insoles designed for the contour of your feet work best. If a person can stomach giving more money than he probably can afford to Dr. Scholl’s, he should use the custom-made orthotics option.
  9. Adidas Soccer Sneakers — Although many people may not think so, soccer shoes go through more stress than do shoes used for baseball. The running involved is much higher. If a pear of sneakers can keep a person comfortable through 90 minutes of constant running, they can keep you comfortable standing for eight hours a day much more easily.
  10. Reebok Running Shoes – Running shoes are designed to withstand the pressures that people put on them, including standing. Reebok are no longer one of the cool brands, but unless the reader is working in a high school, he does not have to worry about the idiocy of being popular or cool.
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