10 Best Shooter PC Games

Counting down the 10 best shooter PC games is tough simply because there are just so many of them. Considering that first-person shooters are one of the most lucrative franchises today, it makes sense that the market is flooded with many top-tier shooter PC games. Combine this with the fact that many gamers feel that you can't play a shooter game without a mouse and keyboard and you can see that we have our work cut out for us in making a list of the best shooter PC games ever.

  1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare This is one of the biggest shooter PC games ever. After becoming a little stale over the years, the "Call of Duty" franchise reinvented itself with this fourth entrant into the series. Taking a larger emphasis on storytelling, it still managed to nail some of the best shooter gameplay to this date.
  2. Deus Ex This purely cyber punk take on the future is definitely one of the best shooter PC games ever. A complex conspiracy-fueled plot takes the player through a world filled with technology, making you into the ultimate super-powered agent. Combine this with explosive gameplay and you have one of the best shooter PC games of all time.
  3. Team Fortress 2 The sequel to the game that pretty much revolutionized online shooter gaming, this makes the list for its addictive gameplay combined with some of the best art we've seen in a while. "Team Fortress 2" is great because it throws caution to the winds and is honestly quite hilarious, making sure to never take itself too seriously.
  4. Unreal Tournament 3 The "Unreal" franchise is a staple of competitive shooter PC games and this game is no different. It takes the vehicles from the previous title and adds it with the fast-paced gameplay that made the series famous. 
  5. Half-Life One of the best shooter PC games of all time, this game was famous for bringing a great story to a solid shooter experience. You play as Gordon Freeman, a physicist who finds himself caught in the middle of an alien invasion. A great atmosphere, even better character development and a new way to look at crowbars makes this one of the greatest PC games ever made.
  6. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky The second in the "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." series, this game places you in a post-apocalyptic Russia where scavengers search for fame and fortune amidst the wastes of Chernobyl. With open-world gameplay, a great story and some truly tense and terrifying moments, this is definitely one of the best shooter PC games ever.
  7. Doom 3 While the original "Doom" was one of the first PC shooter games ever, the third entrant into the series really pushed the games into a new direction. Adaptive lighting and amazing visuals helped make the game much scarier and newer versions of old baddies made Mars one of the worst to ever be caught.
  8. Wolfenstein This remake of the original PC shooter game features a simple enough plot: Put as much lead into as many Nazis as possible. What sets it apart is its tendency to shift the plot towards the occult, giving the game a whole new vibe while retaining the spirit that made the original so great. 
  9. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men This is one of the best PC shooter games because it puts you in the shoes of two of the most despicable, yet relatable characters ever. Kane and Lynch are two criminals who are out for revenge in this high-octane thriller of a PC shooter game!
  10. Duke Nukem 3D Raunchy, irreverent and with enough bad taste to last a lifetime, this is definitely one of the best PC shooter games ever. Even if the gameplay is somewhat lacking, the amazing one-liners spouted by the protagonist are definitely worth the price of admission in this hilarious classic.
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