10 Best Singers Of 2009

The year 2009 was a year that most people will remember vividly, especially the 10 best singers of 2009. Whether it was Kanye ripping the microphone from poor Taylor Swift's hand or Beyonce’s "Single Ladies" song getting everyone and their grandma up on the dance floor. The fact of the matter is that 2009 was a great year for singers.

  1. Beyonce Beyonce’s "Single Ladies" song was a big hit with everyone. Her voice is simply amazing. She is known worldwide and consistently has hit after hit. 
  2. Lady GaGa Lady Gaga stomped her way into 2009 wearing tree branches and platform heels. Only in this society would that be fabulous, and it was. Lady Gaga's unique take on music is the main reason why she is one of the best singers of 2009. 
  3. Usher  Usher came out swinging in 2009. Fresh out of his lawyer’s office from filing for a divorce, he set off 2009 with song after song about returning to his bachelor lifestyle.
  4. Trey Songz If you have not heard of Trey (baby making music) Songz then you must have been under a rock. Trey Songz has had hit after hit of consistently hot music. His voice is simply fantastic and he could sing the alphabets and still make girls want to throw their panties on stage! 
  5. Alicia Keys Alicia Keys still ranks high on the list of best singers. Her multiple talents set her apart from her peers!
  6. Pink Although her hair is not pink anymore, Pink still remains one of the most fabulous singers to date. She is the only singer that can be harnessed in the air and spun in a continuous circle and not only continue to sing perfect, but not puke! That takes skill. 
  7. Fergie The beautiful member of the Black Eye Peas is undoubtedly one of the best singers of 2009. Fergie’s voice is very soulful, yet pop at the same time. The complexity of her voice is what gives her that edge.
  8. Adam Lambert The former American Idol contestant and runner up has been making a name for himself throughout 2009. Although the eyeliner can be a bit much, the fact of the matter is, is that Adam Lambert's voice is out of this world. There is no one like him and probably never will be!
  9. Susan Boyle Susan Boyle has became a sensation over night. Her appearance took a lot of criticism, but her voice is unmatched. She really makes you look pass the image and focus on the voice and that’s a true gift.
  10. Justin Bieber Justin Bieber is what you call an Internet sensation. This young heartthrob has teen girls and some adult women, wanting to be his “baby momma!” Although, he was found on you tube singing his heart out, he can now be recognized all over the world.
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