10 Best Singles Bars: NYC

If your looking far a partner in crime, check out the 10 best singles bars in NYC. Going out to clubs, dancing, and meeting potential love interests is par for the course for most single people these days. This is especially true in New York City, also known as, “The Big Apple.” In NYC, the sky’s the limit when it comes to where singles can go to get their groove on, enjoy a nice beverage, and meet the next new catch. We consulted with some of the hottest barflies to get the skinny on where to go. Here’s what we found.

  1. The 40/40 Club – 6 W. 25th St:  Rapper Jay-Z’s hot spot is a hit for singles for a number of reasons. This two-level nightclub goes all out for that single who aims to see and be seen. Singles can expect to spot latest fashions as much as a celebrity or two in their midst. Music ranges from R&B to hip-hop, which should come as no surprise to most, but what may inspire some degree of awe is the lovely décor, including the beautiful Italian marble floors, LCD flat screen TVs, comfortable leather wrap-around sofas, pool tables, and crème swing chairs suspended from the ceiling.
  2. 200 Orchard – 200 Orchard St:  This one is outfitted with stripper poles for the visually-inclined, a DJ booth, bandstand, and classic arcade games for the Frogger fan.
  3. Amarachi Lounge – 325 Franklin Ave:  Drinks are known to be poured strong here, so watch out. The club’s interior design takes a page from African-inspired themes, depicting images of African and Nubian queens. On weekends, the DJ plays R&B music, setting the mood just right.
  4. The Anchor – 310 Spring St:  Chandeliers beautify this popular singles spot. Famous guests are often in attendance and have delicious shots created by or named after them.
  5. Baddies – 20 Greenwich Ave:  This singles bar began as an underground spot, but isn’t anymore. Be careful though since some nights are still considered “private party only” nights. Lots of 20-something ladies and internationals frequent the place, adding to its allure.
  6. The Back Room – 102 Norfolk St:  Don’t judge a book by its cover. The Back Room is definitely worth a visit. Liquor is served in teacups, paying homage to the days of prohibition. Interestingly, there’s no DJ or band. CDs provide musical fodder to this fire.
  7. Beauty Bar – 231 E. 14th St:  This cute-themed bar is decked out like a beauty parlor from the days-of-old, creating a nice atmosphere. Their inexpensive ten dollar drink and manicure deal keep bringing singles back for more.
  8. Black and White – 86 E. 10th St:  Top-shelf drinks keep New York University and 30-something sophisticates in the mix at this singles hot spot. On weekends, the crowd tends to be quite thick.
  9. Blue Zoo – 8402 Third Ave:  This dimly-lit hub is designed with a tribal theme in mind. Fantastic fish tanks surround singles, creating a lovely backdrop for great conversation. A relatively small bar, the décor and fashion-conscious singles far make up for the venue's size and expensive drinks.
  10. Bowery Ballroom – 6 Delancey St:  This last singles bar is definitely for the party-goer. Live music and large crowds are key elements of what make this place rock. Since the club opened in 1998, it has been dubbed one of the most popular and best party places in NYC.
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