10 Best Skateboarders In The World

There are many different types of skaters and skateboarding, learn about the 10 best skateboarders in the world. The 10 best skateboarders in the world are not listed in any particular order. These 10 best skateboarders are both veterans and rookies to the sport of skateboarding, learn more about these best skateboarders in the world below:

  1. Chris Cole. Cole received the best "Street Skater" skateboarding award from Transworld Skateboarding Magazine in 2006. Cole also won first place for "best street trick" in the 2004 Tampa Pro Contest. Cole has also competed in numerous X Games in Street skating and received gold medals in 2006 and 2007 in the street skating division.
  2. Tony Hawk. Listing Tony Hawk as one of the 10 best skateboarders goes without saying. Hawk is the "father" of skateboarding and was the first skater to complete the 900, a seemingly impossible skateboarding trick. Hawks is also a co-founder of athletes for hope, a charitable giving program . 
  3. Chad Tim. Best skateboarder Chad Tim is sponsored by Element, Insight and Nixon (just to name a few). Tim is an American street skater and placed 32nd in the 2001 Spotlight Productions Event. Tim has also graced the ads of The Skateboard Magazine and Thrasher Magazine.
  4. Andrew Reynolds. Reynolds is an American best skateboarder and owner of popular skateboaring brand, Baker Skateboards. Reynolds won the Skater of the Year Award by Thrasher Magazine when he was 20 years old. Reynolds is best known in skateboarding for his technical skill and difficult jumps. Reynolds won the Silver Medal at the 2004 X Games.
  5. Dustin Dollin. Dollin is a best world  street skateboarder from Australia. In addition to being a professional skateboarder, Dollin is also a video game character in Tony Hawk's Project 8. Dollin is sponsored by Volcom, Vans and Independent and is best known for his risky tricks involving multiple stair cases.
  6. Eric Dressen. Dressen is not your "typical" best world skateboarder. Dresser is much rounder than most skateboarders, but he has skill and precision  both on and off the skateboard. Dressen has been called "the all-terrain wizard." Dressen is capable of street skating and park skating alike. When he is not skating, Dressen is a Tattoo Artist in California.
  7. Eniz Fazliov. Fazliov is a best world skateboarder from Finland. Fazliov's  many sponsors include Volcom, Emerica and Destructo. Fazliov has been featured in numerous skating movies including Emerica's 2010, "Wild in the Streets."
  8. Kevin Long. Long is an American best professional skateboarder from California who is sometimes referred to as "Spanky." Long is sponsored by Emerica and has a shoe, the KSL, also by Emerica. Long has been the star of many Emerica skating videos and won "best video" by Transworld Skateboarding Magazine in 2000.
  9. Bob Burnquist. Burnquist was named a top skateboarder in  the 2008 Pro Verta Rankings, by World Cup Skateboarding. This Brazilian best world skateboarder won the gold medal in the 2001 X Games in the vert contest. Burnquist is the only skateboarder to successfully skate a loop ramp with a gap in it.
  10. Eric Koston. Koston is a best professional skateboarder and the owner of Fourstar, a popular skating brand. Koston has been a professional skateboarder since he was 16 years old. Koston won a gold medal in street skating at the 2003 X games. In 2005, Koston was names one of the "Top 15 Most Loved Skaters" by Thrasher Magazine. 
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