10 Best Skateboarding Shoes

The ten best skateboarding shoes are now as much a fashion statement as they are functional foot wear. Since its inception, skateboarding has become an integral part of today's youth culture expanding into sports arenas around the world and influencing music and fashion.

  1. Vans. Widely regarded as the original brand of skate shoe and one of the ten best skateboarding shoes around, Vans have continued to produce high quality footwear for skaters. Highly influential, their style has been imitated by numerous shoe companies and chunky soled designs can now be seen all over the globe.
  2. Adidas. Although better known as makers of athletic shoes, Adidas make a range of skate shoes that are similar in feel to Vans yet retain the classic look of Adidas shoes. Having been consistently rated amongst the best sports brands, it is no wonder that they also are amongst the ten best skateboarding shoes.
  3. DC Shoes.  DC Shoes make a range of great all round skate shoes that can be used in all weather. A sturdy design with features such as waterproofing treatment, DC Shoes are amongst the ten best skateboarding shoes.
  4. Nike SB.  Following along the lines of other brands, Nike has produced a line of comfortable shoes that are good enough to rival the more established skate shoe companies. After initially being dismissed as jumping on the skating bandwagon, Nike have continued to improve their designs.
  5. Osiris. A mix of classic skateboarding designs and skate boots with oversized tongues. 
  6. Vox.  Bright colors in a canvas or suede finish are what Vox have become known for. Often in the list of the ten best skateboarding shoes, Vox continue to make stylish and popular designs.
  7. Converse. Almost as famous as Vans for their skate shoes, Converse have kept with their classic design which has bought them so much success. A constant in the ten best skateboarding shoes lists, Converse's popularity shows no sign of waning.
  8. Adio.  With a stellar lineup of endorsees it is little wonder that Adio are considered amongst the 10 best skateboarding shoes. Good construction and simple designs give them a timeless quality.
  9. I-Path. Although not the most attractive of shoes, I-Path products are amongst the most comfortable. Suede finishes and warm colors such as mud brown and tan accentuate their comfortable feel.
  10. Emerica.  A world class skateboarding team representing their brand of shoes, durable and hard wearing, Emerica shoes are built to last.
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