10 Best Skis For Beginners

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing skis, and if you are a beginner, knowing the 10 best skis for beginners is vital. Each ski performs slightly differently, and what you choose is going to have a huge impact on the life of your skiing. Do your research and make a well informed choice to ensure you are as safe, comfortable and confident as you can be when you get out on the slopes!

  1. Atomic Nomad Sativa. One of the best skis for beginners, the Atomic Nomad Sativa boasts state of the art technology, making it perfect for now and absolutely useable as you progress into an intermediate skier. Sharp cutting edges, light weight and a smooth ride make this a perfect choice for the beginner.
  2. Head iXRC 300. This ski is another one of the best skis for beginners but also transitions effortlessly when you become an intermediate. This ski is great for various terrains, and you can be comfortable with the performance of these skis in any conditions.
  3. K2 Apache All-Mountain Sabre. All beginners need a forgiving ski, and you’ll find one of the most forgiving and one of the best skis for beginners with the K2 Apache All-Mountain Sabre. Its all-mountain status makes it a great ski for any part of the mountain in any snow conditions.
  4. Nordica Gransport 8. Nordica Gransport 8 skis are for you if you have been skiing a few times. The somewhat skilled beginner skier will get the best use from these fantastic skis and will be able to grow with them until they become an expert.
  5. Elan Flow 4.1. The Elan Flow 4.1 skis are some of the best skis for beginners due to their ease and comfort on the slopes. They help your skiing become effortless, honing your technique and putting you at a great start for a long life in the sport.
  6. Salomon Topaz. Every beginner needs a little forgiving, and that’s just what you’ll get with the Topaz. One of the best skis for beginners, the Topaz is light and reliable and keeps up without pushing too hard.
  7. Hart Desire. An energetic choice for the ladies, the Desire skis are some of the best skis for beginners since its company gathered information from female skiers as the ski was being crafted. The result of this work is a ski that has a carved turn and a great grip, and is stable and versatile for groomed or packed snow.
  8. Stockli Rotor 72. The ease of control on bumps and the cutting edges of the turns make these skis some of the best skis for beginners on the market today. The reliability of these skis will keep you comfortable each time you put them on.
  9. Rossignol S7 Freeride. If you are a beginner skiing primarily in the western part of the country or in an area covered predominantly with powder, the S7 Freeride skis are for you. The cutting edge technology employed in the construction of these skis make them float on deep powder like no other and are some of the easiest to control.
  10. Head Peak 82. Versatility and reliability make the Head Peak 82 one of the best skis for beginners. Regardless of what part of the country and what ski conditions you frequent, these skis will keep you comfortable.
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