10 Best Skydiving Locations

Here are the 10 best skydiving locations. It's tough to gauge the very best skydiving locations in the world as seeing the Earth from 8 to 10,000 feet up is always a breathtaking thing, especially when you are having an adrenaline rush tantamount to the greatest drug that has ever been put inside your body. That said, a skydive over the industrial wasteland of China or an active volcano would probably not be much fun, compared to some of the more beautiful, pristine skydiving locations you could visit. Below is the list of the most beautiful and best skydiving locations in the world.

  1. Taupo, New Zealand: Known as the skydiving capital of the world in many circles, this skydiving location is one of the best places with it's aerial views of the epically beautiful terrain of New Zealand. Getting there is the hard part.
  2. Hawaii: Skydiving over an island is tough to beat, as you can literally see all of it. Hawaii, with it's eclectic layout and as the grandfather of all the islands, is a top skydiving location.
  3. Swiss Alps: You haven't seen the mountains of the Swiss Alps until you have skydived above them. What makes location even more intense and incredible is that the rocky crags will be level with you at some points of your free fall.
  4. Australia: Extreme sports are king in Australia and it holds about as much jaw-dropping beauty and excellent skydiving locations as it's sister county New Zealand, making it one of the top skydiving locations in the world.
  5. South Africa: Extreme scenery along the bottom of Africa makes South Africa an ideal skydiving location. Just make sure that you don't land in the Ocean off the country's tip. It's teeming with Great White Sharks.
  6. Midwest of the United States: It may seem shocking, but the flatness for as far as the eye can see makes the midwest of the United States an oddly incredible location to go skydiving. Seeing hundreds of miles of the plains with an artery of highway cutting through them will bring you closer to the heartland of the country.
  7. Alaska: Alaska is so massive that seeing it from a above gives it an entirely different dimension. With this in mind, check out Alaska in the summer as one of the premiere skydiving locations in the world.
  8. Oregon Coast: Have you ever seen the Oregon Coast? It still seems like undiscovered country and may be one of the most beautiful areas in the United States. It just rains constantly. But if you can find a day to skydive over it when it is clear and sunny, Oregon is one of the top skydiving locations in the world.
  9. Zion, Utah: Called one of the most striking locations from a hiker's point of view, Zion, Utah is even more breathtaking from above when falling at terminal velocity. 
  10. Longmont, Colorado: Want to see where the Great Plains wash up against the Rocky Mountains? Then skydiving at Longmont, Colorado is the ideal location for you. And regardless of if you want to see it, you'll be happy you did.
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