10 Best Skydiving Parachutes

The luxury of choosing the 10 best parachutes stems from a lengthy history. According to the U.S. Parachute Association, people have used parachutes since 1,100 A.D. with origins in China. However, Jacques Garnerin, a French daredevil, performed display jumps from balloons hovering over Europe in the beginning of the 18th century, which marked the first movement in the sport of skydiving. Tiny Boradwick, a professional skydiver from the United States, was the first woman to free fall from an airplane in 1914. The sport has evolved over the years into a multi-national sensation. Many military installations have implemented the use of parachutes to release soldiers into combat without the need to land the aircraft carrier. It's a good idea to conduct your research before investing in a parachute since your very life depends on its quality.

  1. Katana by Performance Designs. Katana, a high-performance canopy manufactured by Performance Designs, has been described as a canopy suited for modern canopy pilots. The Katana is highly favored for those looking for a cell structure parachute without the cross bars and airlocks.
  2. Xaos-21 by Precision Aerodynamics. The Xaos-21, a 21-chamber, cross-barred and tri-cell canopy by Precision Dynamics, heralds as having one of the highest performance wings. This parachute demonstrates recalcitrance against the laws of gravity.
  3. Flight Concepts 9-Cell by Flight Concepts: The Flight Concepts 9-Cell canopy has a flared structure that allows for smoother airfoil and strength with a direct line attached to it. Flight Concepts 9-Cell is designed for wide range of clients, including jumpers and NASA recovery teams.
  4. Crossfire 2 by Icarus Canopies: The Crossfire 2 has a swoop capability that rivals most 9-cell, cross-braced canopies. The Icarus canopy has an elliptical shape with an inflatable wing that produces incredible performance. 
  5. Triathlon by Aerodyne Research Corporation: The Aerodyne Triathlon 7-cell parachute has a multi-purpose design for all skydivers. In contrast to other parachutes with limited functionality and design, the Triathlon can do it all and is great for beginners.
  6. Super-Seven by Paratec: The Super-Seven 7-cell parachute manufactured by Paratec has many openings, flight profiles and long flares unrivaled in its class. The Super-Seven provides a 9-cell thrill ride with its 7-cell design.
  7. Hurricane by Parachute Systems: The Parachute Systems Hurricane elliptical parachute holds consistent soft heading openings. It allows you to fly the parachute conservatively, which presents itself as the perfect beginner's parachute.
  8. Magellan by Skylark: The Skylark Magellan 9-cell parachute delivers comfortable, consistent openings with easy steering capabilities. The Magellan provides good gliding performance with stable and easy swoop and flare.
  9. Electra by Parachutes de France: The Electra 9-cell skydiving parachute has an elliptical shape that helps the user to experience complete calmness and confidence while free falling. It has functioning smooth head-on openings, safe and agile turns and accurate secure landing capabilities.
  10. Fun by ParAAvis, Co: The Fun 9-cell, elliptical-shaped skydiving parachute travels at high speeds, which makes it reserved for advanced skydivers only. Amateurs can use this skydiving parachute for experimental maneuvering and travel velocity, but it is recommended to exercise caution by having an experienced trainer present.
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