10 Best Small Luxury Cars

These 10 best small luxury cars rank high for their technical designs and luxurious specifications. These small luxury cars give comfort in its amenities and are fuel efficient, perfect for the rising cost of gasoline. Enjoy your options of these compact cars to drive in luxurious elegance and style.


  1. Volkswagen GTI. This small luxury car maintains its performance credibility to car owners. It comes with a very elegant and luxurious interior and hybrids of classy chrome exhaust pipes and angular headlights. The car is uploaded with Bluetooth technology, 18” alloy wheels and a nice looking steering wheel. This small luxury car is reviewed to have the most outstanding driving sporty hatchbacks in the car industry.
  2. Mazda3 s 5-Door Sport 2010. This sporty five-door hatchback has a six speed manual transmission. It is one classy small luxury car that offers high flexibility and reliability in handling the car as you cruise down the road in style and with ease. It has a dynamic stability control and perfect for easy driving. Luxury car owners like the Mazda 3s sports car for its style, utility, and comfort.
  3. Audi A3. This upscale luxury car ranks high for its highly impressive fuel economy feature. It also has a quality crafted interiors with great driving dynamics. This small luxury car is quite pricey owing to its combined features of stylish sporty design, luxurious interiors, and quality. It is one of the safest small luxury cars in the market suitable for distinctive taste of small car shoppers.
  4. Volvo C30. For small luxury car shoppers who are very specific with their tastes on the exterior looks of the car design, the Volvo C30 can be very appealing. It has a stylish and distinctive beautiful exterior coupled with the value of comfort in its interiors. It has a very elegant dash design with comfortable front and rear seats. It has a longer wheelbase that makes it a better highway cruiser.
  5. Volvo S40. This small luxury car ranks high in its safety features and stylish designs on both its exterior and interiors. It provides an all wheel drive option and is closely comparable to BMW-1 Series and Audi A3 in terms of luxurious comfort in driving. A great plus for Volvo S40 is its affordability as compared to other small luxury cars.
  6. BMW-1 Series. This compact car comes high in rank for its performance. Although it comes short in space and storage area, the BMW-1 Series gives excellent driving dynamics. This small coupe gives one the feeling of driving a sports car.
  7. Kia Forte. This dynamic compact car is among the most fuel efficient small cars with great interiors. It exudes with sporty personality on its exterior design powered by 173-horsepower four-cylinder engine and 5-speed manual transmission.
  8. LincolnMKZ. This luxury car is powered with Blind Spot Information System technology with adaptive HID headlamps, and quietcraft interiors. Enjoy the experience of driving a small car in luxury and high speed with the Lincoln MKZ.
  9. Acura TSX. This small luxury car is engineered from the CL-series Accord known in Europe that is great for smaller and mid-sized cars. It garnered the 2008 Wheels Car of the Year award and was a finalist in the 2009 Car of the Year by Motor Trend.
  10. Alfa Romeo 159. This compact executive car made from Italy is among the best small luxury cars—it came in third place in the 2006 European Car of the Year award. It has a “Q4” four-wheel drive powered by a Torsen type C twin differential. Its strongest feature is its torsional rigidity that is one of the best in the market.
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