10 Best Small Trucks

If you’re sick of your neighbor rubbing his new small truck if your face, here is a list of the 10 best small trucks on the market. Go out and buy a new small truck; it’s the answer to your problems. Can’t decide which small truck to purchase? Any of the cars mentioned on this list will give your neighbor’s truck a run for his money.

  1. Toyota Tacoma–Our number one small truck is the Toyota Tacoma. In 2005, the Toyota Tacoma earned the highest safety ratings for a small truck, a title it still holds today. It is one of the few vehicles made by Toyota that was not affected by its worldwide recall. Those reasons alone make it our number one small truck.
  2. Honda Ridgeline—The Honda Ridgeline has one of the best interiors for a small truck. It received a high safety test rating and is the first four-door truck to receive a five star crash test rating for both frontal and side impacts. It is the only truck on the market with a trunk in the bed.
  3. Nissan Frontier—Our third small truck is the Nissan Frontier. If power means a lot to you, this is the foreign car for you. Its 261 horsepower V6 is the largest engine that foreign automakers offer in a small pickup.
  4. Chevrolet Colorado—The Chevrolet Colorado is the replacement for the popular S10. The Colorado improves on the S10’s flaws, which makes it our number four pickup on our list of the ten best small pickup trucks. Did we mention you can get a 300 horsepower V8?
  5. Dodge Dakota—The Dodge Dakota’s 4.7 Flex Fuel V8 puts out 302 horsepower and gives you a combined 15MPG. Those reasons alone make it our number five pickup.
  6. Ford Ranger—In class 21 city/26 highway MPG. Enough said. Did we mention it is also one of the best bargain trucks on the market?
  7. Mazda B-Series—The reason the Mazda B Series is our seventh pickup is its incredible reliability and fuel economy. It is built on the Ford Ranger pickup and is worth the extra cost.
  8. GMC Canyon—The reason why the GMC Canyon is number 8 on our list and the Chevrolet Colorado the Canyon twin is number four on our list is simple. The extra 10 thousand dollars is not worth the Z71 package.
  9. Ford Explorer Sport Trac—If the Ford Explorer Sport Trac had a bigger bed it would be one of our top pickups. Since it does not it, it becomes our ninth pickup truck because that’s what pickups are for—hauling stuff around.
  10. Mitsubishi Raider—The Mitsubishi Raider is basically the Dodge Dakota with better reliability, less options and higher price. If the price were lower, it would rank higher.

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