10 Best Smoking Songs

Although some bands have entire albums dedicated to smoking, these 10 best smoking songs received either commercial success or critical acclaim.

  1. “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” In 1966, Bob Dylan’s song was considered groundbreaking for the repeated line, “Everybody must get stoned.” According to legend, Dylan refused to perform this song while straight.
  2. “Mary Jane” This ultra-classic by Rick James is on almost everyone’s ten best smoking songs list. This ode to the sweet stuff was released in 1978 and made it to the top 5 on the U.S. charts.
  3. “Because I Got High” Believe it or not, this song was nominated for a Grammy. Released in 2000 by Afroman, this was the theme song of the movie, “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.”
  4. “Wildwood Weed” Jim Stafford recorded this smoking song in 1974. The song was played on country and pop stations, reaching number 7 on the U.S. charts.
  5. “Willin'” Commonly misnamed “Weed, Whites, and Wine,” this song was written by Lowell George while he was still a member of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. This song was the catalyst for George to leave the Mothers and put together the band Little Feat. Considered by many to be one of the best smoking songs of a generation, Little Feat released “Willin’” in 1971.
  6. “You Don’t Know How It Feels” In 1994, Tom Petty’s directive to “get to the point and roll another joint” was edited for radio play to eliminate the cultural references to weed. This censorship made it one of the best smoking songs of the year and propelled it to number one on Billboard’s Album Rock Tracks.
  7. “Don’t Bogart That Joint” The Fraternity of Man recorded this smoking song in 1969. Included on the “Easy Rider” soundtrack, the movie made this song an anthem for smokers everywhere.
  8. “Smoke Two Joints” This selection for one of the best smoking songs is often incorrectly attributed to Bob Marley or Sublime. In fact, the song was originally written and released in 1983 by The Toyes. The song became popular when radio station KFOG decided to play the song every day at 5 pm. “Smoke Two Joints” has since been covered by several bands including Sublime.
  9. “Smoke a Little Smoke” This popular country song was included on Eric Church’s 2009 album. Released as a single in 2010, the song is currently on the country charts.
  10. “Stoned is the Way of the Walk” This 1991 release by Cypress Hill consistently makes the cut for favorite smoking songs in polls by High Times magazine.
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