10 Best Sniper Paintball Markers

Assuming you have the skill needed to use it, arming yourself with one of the 10 best sniper paintball markers on the market will give you a definitive edge on the paintball field. Accuracy and speed, as well as a comfortable grip and high quality scope, are the main features of the best sniper paintball markers.

  1. U.S. Army Carver One Elite Sniper The Carver Elite is one of the best sniper paintball markers available due to its expandability. Users can attach a variety of add-ons upgrades, including sights, a suppressor and a biped stand. The gun base is sold with a laser sight for fast, precise aiming.
  2. Tippman A5 Designated Marksman While the Tippman A5 isn't equipped with fancy sniper features, such as a biped and sound suppressor, it does offer one essential feature that makes it one of the best sniper paintball markers. It has long range with high accuracy, such as a twenty inch tactical barrel and large hopper. 
  3. BT4 TM15 Scenario Sniper This sniper paintball marker has a twenty-inch tactical barrel, a laser sight and biped extenders on the front of the gun. The chassis is made from light-weight magnesium, and is shipped with a single-finger trigger, which can be easily switched out with a dual-finger trigger from BT4, offering the sniper a nice combination of power and portability.
  4. Tippman 98 Custom The Tippmann 98 Custom is, as the name suggest, a customizable gun, making it one of the best sniper paintball markers available. The 98 Custom is shipped standard with a single-finger trigger and basic sight, but can be upgraded with advanced sniper kits to customize it to your needs.
  5. U.S. Army Project Salvo Sniper The U.S. Army Project Salvo is manufactured by Tippmann and stamped with the official U.S. Army logo. The Project Salvo features a six-position folding stock modeled after the AR-15 rifle, and is one of the best sniper paintball markers due to its durability.
  6. RAP4 T68 Special Ops Sniper Versatility on the battle field could mean the difference between success and failure. With that in mind, RAP4's T68 Special Ops sniper rifle offers both a magazine and a hopper, allowing users to choose the method that best accommodates their sniping methods.
  7. M16 Iraqi Freedom Sniper According to RAP4, the M16 Iraqi Freedom sniper rifle was designed specifically for users who need an accurate long-range marker for difficult-to-hit targets. The M16 supports all methods of air intake, including portable five ounce CO2 canisters and large air tanks, making it one of the best sniper paintball markers available.
  8. BT Sidewinder A sleek, low-profile chassis with a twenty inch .68 caliber barrel, screw-on silencer, and accurate scope makes this gun an inexpensive option for users who need a light-weight sniper marker than can be easily carried around the field.
  9. Spyder MR1 Sidewinder Sniper If you need a low cost sniper marker that's light-weight, quiet, and not bogged down by unnecessary frills, the Spyder MR1 sniper marker is ideal. The eighteen inch barrel and included silencer lets snipers pop off shots rapidly without drawing too much attention, while the slim chassis makes for an easy getaway.
  10. Tippmann X7 Phenom The majority of sniper guns use gas as a method of propulsion. While CO2 tanks are easy to refill, they aren't ideal for long play situations where refill stations aren't available. For those users, Tippmann's X7 Phenom electronic and air marker, is the solution. Users can manually choose between electronic or CO2 propulsion without a drop in shot quality, making the Phenom one of the best sniper paintball markers available.
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