10 Best Snoop Dogg Quotes

These 10 best Snoop Dogg quotes all reveal how Snoop Dogg has made it so big. With his lyrical genius, he's made classic songs that are entertaining and occasionally inspiring. If you're looking for Snoop's best statements, then you can't overlook any of these.

  1. "Get your money man, it's hard out there," "Life in the Projects": Here Snoop reveals his tough attitude. He shows that monetary situations can be difficult, therefore being independent and assertive are crucial tactics. With such a powerful and honest tone, this is definitely one of Snoop Dogg's best quotes.
  2. "Now what am I to do if you was me and I was you?" "Trust Me": The rhetoric and grammar of this quote makes it strong. Snoop's words emphasize that difficult situations justify his actions that any would do in his place. The fun rhythm in these words makes it a truly great quote.
  3. "I love this girl but I don't know about her / As a matter of fact, I could go without her," "Waste of Time": This quote is one of Snoop's best because of its underlying irony. Just after explaining he loves someone, he expresses how he may not need or want her. It is a rough view on love, showing a hint of annoyance, bringing to question what love and desire truly is.
  4. "Through all the drama, I love my momma," "I Love My Momma": This quote expresses Snoop's emotional love for his mother as perhaps the sole individual that survives his troubles. It shows Snoop Dogg's sensitive side through a myriad of issues. It is a refreshing break from songs with far harsher lyrics.
  5. "You lay your hands on me, watch how fast I take your freedom," "The Doggfather": This quote shows Snoop's self-confidence and defensive side. It shows how he does not accept any individuals doing anything even slightly against him. They are inspiring words for those who need reminders about standing up for themselves.
  6. "Sorry it had to end this way but uh, it is what it is," "Waste of Time": In this song Snoop advises not to linger on issues or take the role of the victim. It is perhaps a strong cut from another individual, but an definitely admirable for the assertiveness. This confident tone definitely makes this quote one of Snoop's best quotes.
  7. "Rollin down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin and juice / Laid back (with my mind on my money and my money on my mind)," "Gin and Juice": Perhaps one of Snoop's most famous quotes, it is also one of his best. The quote expresses his habits of relaxing, while never forgetting an interest in money. It shows how monetary influences never really escape you even in the most relaxed states.
  8. "Can you feel it, nothing can save ya," "Vapors": An exceedingly pessimistic quote, here Snoop expresses the inability of finding an escape at times. Whether we agree with him or not, Snoop's great song drives a convincing argument. With his great rhythm and word choice, this quote is clearly one of Snoop's best.
  9. "When the pimp's in the crib ma drop it like it's hot," "Drop It Like It's Hot": Whether you're male or female, this quote is a fun relationship advice. Showing age shouldn't matter—or that it does in a good way—Snoop pushes others to enjoy and relax. It's really a fun and judgement-free Snoop Dogg quote.
  10. "Niggaz got the misconception of us / cause we so cold at what we do," "Wrong Idea": This quote shows that even the great Snoop Dogg can be misunderstood. He expresses in this quote that cold or harsh attitudes are not enough information to try and understand him. Who knows, maybe Snoop's really a big softie if you get to know him.
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