10 Best Snoop Dogg Songs

The only thing more fun than listening to the 10 best Snoop Dogg songs is actually doing the stuff that he’s singing about. So make a drink, twist something up and sit back for a good time. These ten Snoop Dogg tracks will blow your mind.

  1. “Who am I (What’s My Name)" This is the song that officially introduced Snoop Doggy Dogg, who would later change his name to Snoop Dogg due to West Coast contract issues. Is, was and will be a G-Funk classic.
  2. “Gin & Juice” Snoop Dogg’s unofficial anthem, he literally had all the cool kids from the ‘hood to the suburbs sipping this drink. Oh and rolling down the street smoking.
  3. “Drop it Like it’s Hot” ft. Pharrell Williams This is the track that signifies when Snoop went “pop.” Without losing any of his street cred, he managed to get this song major airplay with help from Neptunes frontman, Pharrell. From a commercial standpoint, this ranks as one of the best Snoop Dogg songs ever released.
  4. “Up’s & Down’s” Snoop keeps it real ‘hood on this rap ballad about the up and downs of life in the urban ghetto. With shoutouts to his homies doing life in prison and admissions of church confession, Snoop manages to represent the LBC in grand fashion.
  5. “Gz and Hustlas” A classic off of Snoop’s debut album, this song is a tribute to the gangstas, dealers and players who make their lives and livings in the street. Blessed with that Dr. Dre G-Funk sound this song is one of his best.
  6. Crazy” ft. Nate Dogg With both Doggs on the track, this song has that funk-laced melodic LBC flavor. Snoop’s lyrical flow is as sharp as ever on this song about the hazards of life on the southern California city streets. And as he says, don’t think you’re going to “roll through California without getting 'banged on.'”
  7. “Beautiful” ft. Pharrell Williams Snoop goes “pop” again with this feel-good club banger and radio friendly sing-along track. It’s infectious and has to go down as one of Snoop Dogg’s best. And the video is a must-see for all those who enjoy looking at beautiful brown-skinned Brazilian women.
  8. “That’s That” ft. R. Kelly With Snoop and Kel in the mix, you know there’s bound to be some trouble. The whole song is about the two of them hanging in the club and pulling hot chicks back to their place. Rich gangstas make life look fun.
  9. “Vato” Los Angeles gang bangin’ at its best. With a little help from Cyprus Hill’s B-Real, Snoop tells a tale of everyday shooting and running on the cold street of South Central. The video is classic '80s ‘hood, intact with lowriders, khakis and flannel. Black and Brown are united in this one and they even slipped Latino O.G. Edward Olmos into the video.
  10. “Sensual Seduction” This auto-tune influenced track by Snoop presents a completely different aspect of his persona. He’s almost singing on the track and it is more up-tempo than most of his stuff. You have to listen to the explicit version to get the full experience.
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